Ankle holster for G26 Gen 4
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Thread: Ankle holster for G26 Gen 4

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    Ankle holster for G26 Gen 4

    I know this is not a preffered method of carry, however I was just wondering what is a good holster for ankle carry, in situations that calls for this method?

    I carry a Glock 26 Gen 4, any opinions would be great!


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    I use one for my 26 when I hip carry my 17. I tried a few all I can say is the more padding the better. Carry opposite ankle as your strong hand.

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    I use a ankle holster for my G26 when I might be carrying my kimber on my hip or when I just don't have an option for hip carry, I use the De Santis ankle holster and it works pretty good, but like the other post said the more padding the better, I had mine on for about 8 hours yesterday and my leg was a little sore, but it did it's job. Good Luck

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    GLOCK - 26

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    The strap will keep it from working down on the top of your foot.

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    Lou Alesi makes the best ankle holster, IMHO. And this is from a dyed in the wool Galco fan.

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