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Thread: open carried first time at gander mnt

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerw View Post
    I don't open carry. I don't like attention. I also don't want to be the first threat a gunman sees. That's just me though.
    Oh! Oh! Here we go again! (LOL!)

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    Quote Originally Posted by golddigger14s View Post
    No they don't. They follow state law, the only guns they "check" are ones that are not in a holster for repair.
    Yea, already corrected myself on page 2. The initial comment was based on my observations, which I thought was kinda odd. Guess it was my fail by posting before I got the facts. BUT, based on the conversation I had with her, it seems that they had a change in policy with the "check in at the front desk" comment.

    If what I thought initially was correct then I wouldnt have shopped there much anymore. Gander is close enough that I can drive there if I want to go to a sportmans playground. Dont get me wrong, I like going occasionally but either store is to much of a drive for a box of rounds and some fishing line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich M:236189
    If it said conceal carry and open carry customers welcomed on the door then I wouldnt expect many issues to arise. I'll look at your gun too. Just to see what it is, might even ask about it. (looking for another...)

    We only have Cabelas here, and they take your gun at the door. I'll shop at the smaller local places first.
    My local Cabelas has a policy that all weapons must be checked and unloaded by staff at the front of the store, but their sign specifically exempts CCW permit holders. Being in NV, I don't think theyd have an issue with OC either, as its an OC state. Id be interested to hear what the actual policy is for Cabelas worldwide. If you're bringing in a gun for sale or repair, its reasonable for them to safety check it.

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    Wish Texas had open carry, but Cabelas policy here allows CCW to carry, if we ever become a true 2nd amemdment state like AZ and allow open carry will do so. Do open carry every time I am in AZ. Peace, Love, Colt 45.

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    I will say at the Gander mountain here in Ohio they didn't even walk the gun up. Payed for it and left with ammo.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by glockk23 View Post
    I never open carry just conseal carry with my glock 23 with either a uncle mikes iwb or blackhawk belt holster. Walked up too the doors and read the sign that said conceal carry and open carry customers welcomed. So I was like " I'm about to open carry for the hell of it. " anyways walked in and started my shopping. Grabbed a cart by the front desk and they greeted me as usual. Went and picked out a couple of shirts, and checked out some new guns in the show cases. A few people looked at my gun but it didn't bother me. Went and got a box of hornady hollow point self defence rounds and some target ammo. All the employees were still very friendly and had a pleasant expierence. As I walked out and concealed my firearm and went out too my truck. Wish most places if not all were the same way.
    As it should be.

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    fleet farm in wisconsin is like that too, they dont care if you open carry or concealed. Also note fleet farm is a different company than farm and fleet. Farm and fleet does not allow guns even though they sell them. I am glad you had a good experience at gander.

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    Hmm never seen any sign in a farm & fleet about cc or oc in there stores, and I'm in there home base of Janesville Wisconsin. Infact I've see acouple of people o.c there.No sign , no foul

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