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    I was just surprised that someone as knowlegeable as you about laws that had a SC CWP at one time had forgotten the basic law of carrying a gun in SC. That being inside the glove box or console is OK. It has been pretty much that way for at least the last 40 years I know.
    According to this document, that particular section was added in 2007.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old salt View Post
    Sorry if I wasted your time. I thought that but justed wanted to check with others.
    You didn't waste your time, SC handgun laws are overly complex IMHO.

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    The good thing about South Carolina is that even though your permit isn't honored there, unlicensed car carry (in either the glovebox or center console, neither of which is required to be locked) is legal, so as long as you're in your vehicle, you're not completely vulnerable.

  5. mrjam2jab When I moved to South Carolina in 1978 you could carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle glove compartment. It had been that way for years, I was told. Back in the 50's, 60's most cars only had a single glove compartment. The law was later clarified to make sure other closed consoles were also covered. Remember most cars didn't even have cup holders until the late 70's and 80's. Oh yeah and you didn't get a concealed weapons permit unless you were a business owner and swore you carried large sums of money to the bank. Of course if you were related to the Sheriff, were tight with your local politicians and they'd vouch for you, well then you were the "right" kind of guy and got one. Regular working stiffs or retired folks, forget it!

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    The law about the glove compartment in cars has been changed several times over the years and the present law including consoles and behind the rear seat probably was in 2007. Back in the '70's the law read latched satchel which meant almost anything from a briefcase to a gym bag and included the glove compartment. In SC the glove compartment carry has been in effect at least since the '60's (when I first got my drivers license) but has been changed to keep up with the times and changes in cars.

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