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Thread: Carry Ammo - Single Type vs. Mixed

  1. Agreed

    I agree with most of the above post, mixing ammo in a single mag is a bad idea. I don't see the point in carrying ball rounds, HP penetrate well enough in most situations.

    If someone is armored well enough it doesn't matter what you carry. So carry what you find is best for most situations.

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    What NavyLCDR said.

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    I stick with JHP, don't want it going through the target and killing an inocent bystander.

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    Mixing? Really? I'm thinking the attorney is gonna eat this up. You PLANNED this event? Carry JHPs just like LEOs. (The same brand is not needed.)

    Oh... I've never seen body armor that covered the face. Just sayin...

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    I understand your ideas there about JHP versus armor, Hamilton Felix, but we agree on not mixing ammo!
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    I carry Hornady Critical defense in my Kahr CM9, and a spare mag with FMJ's if I were to ever need to shoot through a car door, barricade, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cams150 View Post
    I carry Hornady Critical defense in my Kahr CM9, and a spare mag with FMJ's if I were to ever need to shoot through a car door, barricade, etc.
    Again, if you need to switch ammo to engage through auto parts, it might go better for you in court if you simply fled while you had the chance!

    Those Hornady rounds will shoot adequately against most things you have business shooting thru.

    Police take a dim view of mall-ninja-cop-special-forces-wannabee-clowns.

    Btw, did you know most commercial FMJ loads are loaded LIGHT for practice?


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    In my pistols I usually mix Hornaday Critical Defense and Corbon Powerball. I know that they're similar but I've seen tests where the results (under the same conditions) have shown substantial differences in performance. Sometimes the CD is better, sometimes the PB has been better. I figure one of them should do the job in any given circumstance.

    In my home defense shotgun I alternate between slug and 00 buck.
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    Does it count as mixing if we have His & Hers shotguns, mine loaded with slugs but buck on the Sidesaddle, hers loaded with buck but slugs on the Sidesaddle?

    Fact is, mine has rifle sights and I'm thinking more about the bear we sometimes get in our back yard. Hers has the fancy SureFire fore end light and she's thinking more about anti-personnel defensive use.

    I'm unlikely to mix the loads in a magazine or cylinder. I want to know what's in the chamber, even if I've lost count of shots. (And there's no way I'll do that silly "birdshot round first" thing, in the misguided hope I can "discourage someone without having to kill them.")
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    Like others have said there is no good reason to mix types in a single magazine. When carrying multiple magazine I could possibly see a advantage for LEO, but a cilivilan should flee (unless we are in the middle of a Zombie attack). Same thing with the shotgun with a single tube, now with Kel Tec's new shotty with dual tubes I might load one tube with slugs and the.second tube with 00 buck. My 2¢.

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