Carry Ammo - Single Type vs. Mixed
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Thread: Carry Ammo - Single Type vs. Mixed

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    Carry Ammo - Single Type vs. Mixed

    Looking for feedback on the pros and cons of carrying a single brand/model of ammo for personal defense, or a mixture of different types in the same mag(s). Have heard a couple of arguments, but sounds worthy of exploring. Ready, set, go!

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    Not sure if different ammo types in the same mag can increase your chances of a malfunction. But, why would you want to mix ammo types? If you had to use your gun in a crowded area, and you had a mag mixed with FMJ and JHP, then half your rounds are much more likely to go through your target and kill somebody else while only half of your rounds are likely to have the stopping power you like. I would not be comfortable not knowing what type of bullet was coming out of my gun, and even if you tried to make a pattern of alternating bullet types, you wont be counting your shots while you are in a life or death situation, so you wont know what you are shooting.

    If you really want to carry JHP and FMJ for whatever reason, put FMJ in one mag, and JHP in another mag.

  4. Go with what you can get, but try to keep loads with the same weight/type. Consistency is a factor to keep in mind, especially if you want to hit your target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Quilici View Post
    Consistency is a factor to keep in mind, especially if you want to hit your target.
    Exactly! Different ammo will have different points of impact. Why add anything that will increase variance between shots?

    What would be the pro's for carrying a mix of ammo?
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    There is no reason at all to carry mixed HP & Ball!

    It's a dumb idea spawned by mall-ninja types who are trying to play "Tactical SF."

    If you have time to change ammo to adjust for different tactical situations, you probably should have run while you could!

    All premium self defense loads perform adequately against most ordinary barrier materials.


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    I rotate my defense ammo once a year. When I try a verity of products and find one I like, I stick with it no matter what it is. This includes ammo. I have tried different brands of ammo, and found what best works for me. Mix and match can be a bad idea. I would sort your ammo, and find one you like most and stick with it.

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    I stick with the round that functions most reliably and hits closest to point of aim. I some times think some folks are loading like acft machine guns, with alternate rounds of WP, AP, HEI, or tracers and feel that covers all bases. If a person alternately loads FMJ & HP, then it maybe 50% of the shots fired are ineffective. Although shot placement is most important. I've known people who load different weights and snake shot also, in one revolver. How do they know the right round is lined up for the situation they're facing? Worse yet in a semi auto.

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    Ok, now that I have a few responses on board, ill share a couple of "pro mixing" theories be heard. I'm not sold on either them, but you asked, so here they are...

    1. Mixing FMJ and JHP will give you a better chance of penetrating light body armor if your assailant wears it. Couple this with reasonable "be aware of your Target and what is in line with it" mentality, and you get the idea.

    2. Mixing standard JHP ammo with specialty HP ammo like Hornady Critical Defense, to account for different potential outerwear on your assailant.

    There you go...happy feeding! I'll save my personal philosophies for later.

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    I settled on bonded Golded Sabre's for the Glocks, .40 cal. It's proven against zombies in post shooting analysis' and our local PD uses them which will reduce any "he used horrible, maiming death bullets" argument from any DA or such.

    The PM9 I may have from time to time have Corbon JHP +p's, the 9mm Golden Sabre's don't feed as well in the PM9.

    Both those rounds feed in the associated gun perfectly. That's it, that's all. For IDPA or other fun stuff I'll just run some of the ball ammo I have.
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  11. I don't think I'll buy those theories. I carry a .45 auto. Ball or JHP will be stopped by armor. True armor-piercing handgun ammo is illegal (thanks to a BS expose launched by NBC years ago, that resulted in the injury and death of a number of cops shot by goblins who watch TV).

    I generally like full weight bullets. In .45 it's 230 grain. I like Hydra Shok, but would carry any good JHP that's reliable in my gun. In .357 or .38 I might go as light as 125 grain, though I like good old 158 grainers in the field.

    I have been known to be a bit short of premium defensive ammo when about to go shopping down in "civilization" (just slipping on a 1911 is fine at home, but a couple of extra magazines seem appropriate when visiting a city), so I'll grab a couple of magazines filled with ball. They are all 230 grain and jacketed, landing in pretty much the same place on a target. It's not that I'm mixing intentionally, it's just a case of grabbing what I have - and .45 bullets are pretty big even when they don't expand.

    If I was a cop and in a service where shooting at a barricaded suspect or one in car seemed likely, I might carry one magazine of KTW, but in general I see no good reason to mix ammo. That business of mixing to accomodate different outerwear would only make sense if you were carrying low penetration ammo like the lightest Glaser or MagSafe; and that stuff doesn't make much sense except in special environments like that of a Sky Marshall.
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