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    Learn from your Elders

    I was contacted by a close friend of mine, who knows my practices of CCW and my thirst for knowledge of laws, equipment and best practices in this area, asking for help figuring out what/how to carry daily.

    You see, he had just had a life changing experience after making the near fatal mistake of not turning right on red at a traffic light fast enough for the guys behind him and was then followed and attacked by the three people in that truck and, to use his words, will never not have another option again. Yes, he dialed 911 and yes, he tried to get away but metro traffic had other ideas for his escape. Yes, he drove into a crowded parking lot, only to have the attack in a crowded place. He did everything right, according to conventional practice.

    Now, the point. He knew better and got lazy and complacent. You see, his father was an FFL Dealer and I never remember the man unarmed. Ever. In the unpopular CCW times if the 1980s and 1990s, he always carried. He indoctrinated his children in proper use, safety, and need for a defensive weapon. He always used the cliche of "Better to have and not need..." I was lucky enough to hear his message as well.

    My friend's brother is probably the record holder for the number of CCW permits held and never is without a handgun. This man will drive 100 miles to an airport to avoid NYC so he can have a gun when traveling.

    My friend somehow forgot the message and was reminded of his past lessons in a dangerous way. He is "disappointed" that he now feels that he needs to carry, but understands that he must to protect himself and his family.

    We need to listen to our elders, their teachings, and not forget to teach the next generation. It is easy to lose discipline and perhaps we have a duty to help those who have lost the message as well. Hopefully, the reminders will be friendly and come in time.

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    I agree being armed is always a good practice and your friend is lucky to be reminded of it and still be here.

    Having said that, a thought or two came up as I read your post... Nobody but your friend and the guys in the truck know if your friend had done more than just "turn on a red light too slow...". Violence does happen randomey and sometimes without warning or provication, sometimes some will provoke it and simply "not remember" the one finger salute or other provications administered before they got thier a$$ kicked. Not saying your friend did such as we will never really, really know that despite what any response may be.

    I am not saying that flipping someone off or ANY gestures warrant physical harm but some guys are just wired in a way that fighting is the only response they understand. Because I am armed I am the politest mo-fo out there, even if someone cuts me off requiring evasive driving and then they flip me off (or whatever) i will not return salutes or such simply because I wish to avoid altercations for obvious reasons. Same here at this forum, I remain polite despite... Well, I remain polite! ;-)

    Your bud may not have given any aggressive signals, but the realization that it was possible was my first thought, that's all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuts40 View Post
    I am not saying that flipping someone off or ANY gestures warrant physical harm but some guys are just wired in a way that fighting is the only response they understand.
    Unfettered Might and JJFlash come to mind. I refer to them as "internet rambos".

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