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Thread: OK Im sure someone should get shot but who?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twotonevert View Post
    Agreed, he should have stopped once the threat was over. Regardless of what happens, I bet Mickey Dee's pays out to the two women and our 59 cent cheeseburgers will go up.

    Where do you find 59 cent cheeseburgers?!? I haven't seen one for that price in over 25 years, at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    He shouldnt have continued to beat the crap out of them. The guy is a loser who spent 10 years in prison for SHOOTING and KILLING his friend in high school.
    Really? Didn't know that. In any case, at least he's got a job and making an effort instead of just being a thug on the street. He may very well have gone too far but I'm not ready to judge him on that. He was no doubt jacked up on adrenaline and responding to a situation that wasn't of his making.
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    I believe everyone has a right to defend themselves... he definitely took it to an extreme and im sure he still has a P.O officer... obviously he had no conscience or fear of going back to the pokie......

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    Question, while he should have stopped, where were the police when this started, oh yea 15 minutes away. He was over the top but has an absolute right to defend himself 2 on one, for future reference the New York Police will protect you same as Gov Brown and CA officers protected the 8 killed.

  6. those 2 got what they deserved,he should be given a metal

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    Its hard to judge not being there, someone should of told the lady screaming to shut the heck up

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    All in all the employee was in the right all the way up to the point the women hit the ground, once the women hit the ground the thread was over. Self Defense could no longer be claimed.

    In many restaurants I have worked in crossing the counter is a threat.

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    The females directly and intentionally put them selves in that position. They attacked him first. Yea, he went a bit overboard but Im betting those two mind their mouths a little more next time. And there will be a next time for them. People like that just cant shut up.

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    I understand the idea of one last pop in the face after the so called women attacked, honestly, I can.
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    Considering that no one can see what's happening on the other side of the counter, and what possibly threatening motions the women might have been making, I don't understand how anyone can say he was wrong once they went down.

    Anyone recall that school board meeting where the guy started shooting? He was hit and dropped by a cop in the room? Then a couple of minutes later, shot himself? Anyone?

    When is the threat over?
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