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Thread: OK Im sure someone should get shot but who?

  1. The threat is over when it stops moving which he told them to stay down before hitting them again im ok with it
    in front of counter good behind counter bad

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    First let me be the first to say.. I AM politically incorrect.

    The idiot bit*hes got their a$$es handed to them because they picked on the wrong Mickey Dee employee. It almost looked like a rehearsed action on the part of the 2 women, like they've done it before.

    The dude was justified right up to when the women hit the floor, but I don't think both women went down. He sure was concentrating on that one woman, with a vengeance.

    What I can't believe is how many people just stood thee without calling 911, but then again most of the bystanders were probably too busy with the phone cameras to call 911!

    And where did he get the metal rod? Is that standard equipment for behind the counter? Just damn.

    Did you notice how the news reporter made the cashier out to be the bad guy and almost made the women sound like they action were justified? He says the cashier "attacked the women". I saw it as self defense. It's right in front of them and they still can't report the truth.

    So what, the guy has a criminal background. He did his time and from the looks of it was trying to make his way in society. Then these 2 bit*hes show up and screw it all up for the guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinnacle Safety View Post
    The threat is over when it stops moving...
    I agree, but none. of. us. saw what happened behind the counter when they were on the floor. We don't know what he saw. And I challenge any member here to shut off the adrenaline <snap> just like that. When you're swinging that hard, it takes a few seconds to shut down.
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