Thinking of a new 1911
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Thread: Thinking of a new 1911

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    Thinking of a new 1911

    I'm thinking of buying a new 1911 from Anyone ever buy one of their guns? If so, what did you think of them? Thanks.
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    Just wondering why from them? I don't know the name but there are so many out there it's hard to keep up anymore.

    I have a Springfield and a Para and I think they are great. I'm in the process of trying to talk myself out of a Kimber right now. I got a bad itch.

    It will be interesting to hear about this Maximus if anyone has the scoop.


  4. Just checked out their web site. Why in the hell would you pay that price when you could buy 4 or 5 ria's or ati's for that price plus ammo? Pretty in looks but a 1911 is a workin gun.

  5. Thay are very nice looking guns but I think I would go with a Kimber. 1/2 the price and a good shooter. I love mine, and has been good to my right out of the box
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    Yeah, really pretty guns. Looks like a lot of time went into making those. If I needed to resell one though, the Kimber would bring you the best bang. Maxi who?


  7. I also checked out their site.,very nice looking but the cost is way high I am a 1911 guy myself I have kimber, para, Smith and wesson and Springfield the most I've spent has been 2k you need to go to a gun shop and hold several 1911s then if you have a gun range that rents them fire a few brands then decide based on feel and what you like then buy it. But these odd ball high end vanity guns are just to hard to find. One idea is to see if they will allow you to get one shipped to your local ffl on an approval basis to handle it for say 500bucks down if you don't like it send back get your 500 back and no harm if they arnt willing then they are not worth it.

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    I love the fact they are made here in the USA. The price is rather high. You could get 2 Sig Sauer 1911's or 2 Kimber's for that price. Heck, you could get a Sig 1911,a Springfield .45, a Remington 870, and a Ruger SR1911 along with a box of 250 rounds for that price.

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    I think you should buy a Glock instead.

  10. I'm going to by buying a S&W 1911. I'm not sure of which one yet - maybe an E-series. I'm fortunate enough to qualify under their Federal Agent Purchase program, and get a gun from S&W cheap.

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    Two years ago I bought a Dan Wesson Classic Bobtail from for $875 plus shipping and FFL fee. It is all stainless, was used but had had only ~100 rounds through it. It is a great gun, if you can find one: Dan Wesson Classic Bobtail 45acp $1,584.00 SHIPS FREE

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