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    Self Defense - The Armed Society

    I have yet to see any posts of actual situations of Self Defense. Where the good guy wins on this site. The NRA does have a "Armed Citizen" in their magazine reporting situations where a armed citizen used a weapon to stop crime.

    I did find this site Home*|*The Armed Citizen

    Which is pretty awesome. Let me know what you think and if you got stories from your neck of the woods post them

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    Thanks for the link,ill be sure to continue reading.

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    I enjoy reading that section of the NRA's mag. Some of the stories are pretty amazing, especially the ones concerning the elderly or kids successfully defending themselves against threats.

    Last year my cousin, who lives in Houston, awoke to find an intruder coming into her bedroom. Her husband was away on business so it was just her and her daughter at home. She had no weapon so she began screaming at him and throwing whatever she could get her hands on (books, a lamp, etc.). She was incredibly fortunate that the perp ran away.

    They now have an alarm system and a 20ga shotgun that she practices with on a regular basis.
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    One "reason" is because acts of self defence rarely get National news media coverage. However, let just one mental case go postal out in "Never-heard-of-it" Nebraska and try to do in everyone in sight and the "media" is over that like stink on dungheaps.

    Now... I will simply let readers here figure out why that is, all on their own. (Because if I have to 'splain it to you..... Well, I won't. No sence dulling one's tools on inpenetraitable rock.)

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