Can your revolver be loaded when carrying?
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Thread: Can your revolver be loaded when carrying?

  1. Can your revolver be loaded when carrying?

    This may seem like a dumb question, but are there any laws on if a gun may be loaded or not when carrying concealed?

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    Check ur local laws, don't listen to armchair lawyers. BUT myself I would not live in an area where u could not carry a concealed LOADED firearm, however there is areas in the USA where u can not carry any kind of firearm. Only the criminals can and ur local police. Is the police with you 24/7?

    Of all the things u will ever hear on these forums remember this one statement I will make to you.( when seconds count, police are minutes away. )

    The anti gun people just hate that statement because of the truth in it. I hope that this fulfills ur desire for more light on the truth.

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    Might as well carry a rock

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    There are no stupid questions, although there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.

    Just kidding, of course. But, yeah, check your state and local laws. Here in Arizona, we can't fathom carrying unloaded because what good is an unloaded gun? However there are certain places that you cannot go with a gun loaded or unloaded. So it's important to get the technicalities straight.

  6. Thirding: Check your local laws.

    Example: Oregon. In most of Oregon, loaded open carry is perfectly fine without a permit. In a few cities, open loaded carry is not permitted, but open unloaded carry is. In all of Oregon, if you have a Concealed Handgun License, you may carry loaded open or concealed anywhere - local prohibitions do not apply to CHL holders. (Private property is another matter, of course.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Sig1911 View Post
    There are no stupid questions, although there are a lot of inquisitive idiots.
    I always say it as "There are no stupid questions - only sarcastic answers."

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    Here in S.C. No open carry except while hunting or while on personal property,CC (most) anywhere and loaded to capacity if NOT loaded when bad guy comes what you do throw gun
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    Hey ejb: Gotta give you credit for asking a question you understand as probably being open to sarcasm. I always believed that if you do not know something, odds are someone else does not know the answer either. I sat in classes from high school thru 2 graduate degress and I cannot tell you the number of times I asked the "question" that no one else seemed to have the guts to ask. Good for you. Even on this thread, there were replies that were surprisingly informative even though my first thought on the question was "ya gotta be kidding". Keep up the questions--some will give you sarcasm but others will answer the question.

  10. These questions come up occasionally on most every forum. I can't imagine carrying an unloaded gun but I can understand that some people are not as comfortable with firearms as others. I will venture that carrying unloaded is an almost sure invitation to losing your gun and/or being seriously injured in the process. That said, I've carried a fully loaded pistol for many years and have never encountered a situation in which the fact that there was a round in the chamber has made any difference. That situation might arise today for all I know so I'll still leave it loaded.

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    You cannot open carry a loaded gun in Utah believe it or not unless you have a CCW. You can open carry with the magazine in an auto, but not 1 in the chamber. The bullet has to be 2 actions away from firing. In the case of an auto means, racking, then firing. With a revolver, depends on if double or single action. If double action the bullet needs to be 2 away. With a CCW in Utah, you can open carry loaded or CC obviously loaded.

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