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    Quote Originally Posted by willpruitt View Post
    I'm looking to buy another gun. I already have a ruger 45, and I am lookin for something just a little smaller. Anybody have any ideas on what kind I should be looking at? I'm open to all ideas. Thanx
    Try Ruger SR40 or a Ruger SR9c
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    There are so many good guns out there, you need to look around and see what appeals to you. I've got semi-autos, revolvers, single shots... different guns for different occasions.
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    Well?, I wont suggest a glock, because, I'm not a fan, they are a good firearm, just not my style of firearm I like, As for size of firearm?, that can be tricky, for a carry firearm, I wont carry anything smaller than a 45, If it's for target shooting or ??, than, size really would'nt matter to much, not sure of your experience in firearm, you should try out as many as you can, to get the right fit for you, some ranges have rental's you can use, good luck with your search

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    H&K p2000sk LEM trigger, 40 or 9mm, take your pick.

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    How about a Kimber Solo or Kahr MK9 elite for auto's and a lt wt snub in 357 for revolver and why not carry one as a backup to the 45

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    You didn't say which Ruger 45..... They make several in 45ACP , 45LC, and 454.... Or what your intended purpose. Makes it hard to give you accurate recommendations.

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    I myself carry a Glock BUT am also looking a a new handgun, I am looming at the FhN FiveSeven might be something to look into

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    Beretta 92 series is a wonderful platform. It goes bang the same as a glock, everytime you pull the trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapevinebill View Post
    Beretta 92 series is a wonderful platform. It goes bang the same as a glock, everytime you pull the trigger.
    The problem with a most guns isn't whether a bullet comes out when you press the trigger. It's with the dozen or so other operations that are SUPPOSED to happen AFTER each round is fired, where a lot of guns fall apart. The 1911 comes handily to mind here. I have fired several, and witnessed numerous more fired extensively, and they are notorious for "failure to feed" and "failure to eject" (stovepipe) malfunctions. I will never intentionally own one for this reason. (I think I stand to inherit one someday, at which point I will have to decide whether I keep it for sentimental value, or sell it.) 1911 owners, no offense here, just stating my own personal observations. I'm not hatin'.

    Anyway, I choose Glock for the above reasons. No gun is flawless, but Glock is the top contender for it. Springfield XD and S&W M&P are two other excellent choices. I wouldn't look farther than that. Sig, by my estimation, has a little ways to go with reliability and ease of function. Plus, they feel bulky to me. And I'm a Glock owner!

  11. I won't deny that Glocks are nice weapons. However, there are many nice weapons like the Ruger SR9C and 40, several Sigs, the M&P series, and several nice Springfields (XD, XDM, and the sub compacts along with the EMP).

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