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Thread: new gun?

  1. new gun?

    I'm looking to buy another gun. I already have a ruger 45, and I am lookin for something just a little smaller. Anybody have any ideas on what kind I should be looking at? I'm open to all ideas. Thanx

  3. Perhaps later I can help you pick out some undies too?!

    Let me save a couple dozen people the trouble , get a glock

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    A Glock:):):):):):):):)

    See how much help you'll get here?

    Asking that question will only give you doubts about something you may otherwise love.

    For every 'this gun is great', you'll get three, 'oh, that gun sucks'.

    It's hard for you to draw a conclusion by what you read here other than the conclusion that you need to go to shows and shops, follow what you know and hope for the best.

    Good Luck!

    I personally think a Sig is the way to go but just watch and see the following post's. By the way, I'm about to buy a Kimber for a change. Guess I'll figure out if that was the right choice too!


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    I like my Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm full frame. Sig is also a nice choice.

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    I recently purchased a Kimber Raptor Pro II and I love it. Still chambered in a .45 but very concealable if in the right holster. The 4" has a full sized grip so lots of time on the range is still very comfortable.

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    pffft glocks are not the only gun one should look at, i say look at M&P by smith and wesson ( i have the .40) or springfield XD's (i carry a subcompact .40) or sig's. trust me look at glocks also cause they are great guns, just not the ONLY gun.

    good luck!

  8. Don't leave out the option of a nice revolver! A .357 snub is a thing of beauty. The ruger LCR is a nice piece

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    What's your budget? How much smaller? Pocket? What caliber same =.45? 9mm?
    You like your Ruger? Look at a Lc9 or lcp 380. Or a Glock G27 :)

  10. Myself I just bought a S&W PPK/S .380 there are times when I need a much smaller carry then my Glock 23 or my HK USP.45acp. The PPK/S .380 fills the bill.

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    Get yourself a Glock.

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