In need of some concealed carry advice!
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Thread: In need of some concealed carry advice!

  1. In need of some concealed carry advice!

    So to paint a picture I was out for a run around my neighborhood the other night and had some guy 'stalking me' in his truck for the last mile or so of my run. He kept yelling at me and motioning for me to enter into an altercation with him. I did my best to avoid making contact with him and took a few quick turns and lost him. I then started looking into personal defense measeures that would suit me for when I'm on a run, I hadn't thought of running with my pistol, as it's bulk would be counter-productive moving around while running. I called the local police station and inquired about running with an ASP retractable baton, only to find out that they are illegal for carry, regardless of CCP status. I was told my best bet was to get a can of pepper spray... Then in a seperate conversation with a local sherrif he brought up the idea of running with my pistol. When put in a position to run with pepper spray or my pistol, I would have to go with my pistol, but now I need a method of carrying it so that it fits snuggly to my body without freedom of movement. I looked into a CC vest but found that most were leather and geared towards the biker type carrier. I need a tight fitting vest that is light-weight and breathable. If anyone has any ideas or knows of products that might fit my needs PLEASE let me know.

  3. Look at the belly band type holster. That should do the job.

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    I am not a fan at all of fannypack holsters but I haven't found anything that works better while running. DeSantis Gunny Sack.
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    Suspenders on your running shorts and a clip on holster works for me
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    My friend uses like a belly band but it rides higher like his mid section and doesn't fall down I have to find the name.

  7. If you get a cloth belly-band or inside shirt holster, get a trigger kydex guard cover if you plan on chambering a round of ammunition while carrying. Having just cloth being the only protection against your skin and any other outside-the-body objects is no protection in my eyes. Also, get or make a velcro strap to cover the top of the gun so it doesn't fall out while running.

  8. What kind of gun? A lighter .380 in a good ankle holster works also

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    Quote Originally Posted by disneyr View Post
    I am not a fan at all of fannypack holsters but I haven't found anything that works better while running. DeSantis Gunny Sack.
    I ditto that and also have done just that!
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    I use a fanny pack while doing outside cardio. My LCP in its DeSantis Gunhide fits perfectly inside the pack and stays upright (I have my wallet next to it and that prevents the gun from tilting). The LCP is light enough that I don't even notice it.
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  11. I carry Sig P238 and am considering a bulldog cell/pda type holster to go on my hydration belt. Bulldog Nylon Ambi Cell Phone Holster with Belt Loop and Clip: Sports & Outdoors

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