Warms my heart.
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Thread: Warms my heart.

  1. Warms my heart.

    I went to the barber yesterday and after removing my coat to get in his chair he noticed my H&K on my hip and asked about it. Given his tone I was expecting him to ask me to leave or go put it in my vehicle, instead he said those are excellent guns and patted his hip and said "M&P .40 right here." We had quite a long discussion about CC it was a nice experience. It was also nice because right before we left my wife asked, "are you planning on getting robbed getting your haircut?". Then you can imagine her face palm reaction to me laughing at her when he said he was carrying. Anyways just wanted to share because it always warns my heart to see others taking responsibility for their safety and their families.

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    Cute story in regard to your wife's situation there. Nobody ever noticed my gun tho, not once during the past five years I've been carrying and I've carried everywhere I've been except once to the courthouse where they have a metal detector... Not once, at least that I know of.
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  4. Well, as a small retail business owner, the barber can most certainly expect that if he is ever robbed, it will be while cutting someone's hair...

  5. Good story. This reminded me the first time I carried into a barbershop with the wrong clothing.

    My under shirt was tucked in and I had a form fitting half zipper polar fleece jacket over. The barber asked me to remove my jacket so my hair didn't get all over my jacket. I said, "Oh, well when I put it back on it will just mess up my hair again."

    The barber's response, "No it won't, and I don't care if you're carrying concealed either."

    Me, "Works for me."

    Barber, "Don't worry, I couldn't tell you had it. Your reason for not taking it off is one of the better ones I've heard."

    There was no talk about guns after that, just about horse racing and golf. Which reminds me, I need to go back because I'm starting to look like a hippie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
    Which reminds me, I need to go back because I'm starting to look like a hippie.
    I was going to say something about that......, but decided I cause enough people grief here as it is, lol

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    Cool story. Although the recent massacre at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach, CA immediately came to mind. If only a CCW'd person(s) were there inside ....

    UPDATED: Victims Of Shooting At Meritage Salon Identified - Gazettes.com: Crime

  8. @tuts. No one usually does with mine either. I had it OWB and a fleece draped over it. We don't have to conceal here so I don't open carry but I don't go far out of my way to conceal either.

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    I read a story about two weeks ago (here?) where a couple of guys walked into a busy barber shop (Detroit, maybe?) and told the people it was a robbery. One customer in the chair used the bib's, cover to draw his concealed weapon and shoot both robbers as I recall.
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    I packed my gun at the dentist a few weeks ago. Someone noticed,because my phone rang and I had my ringtone for my son calling as gun shots..everyone there thought it was funny, but I knew everyone.

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    It's always nice when a cc'r has a good responce when there EDC been noticed, the only thing I would have done, If I was the barber, I wouldnt have pointed out my EDC

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