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Thread: How often has someone noticed your conceal?

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    I'm not worthy of replying to some of those here.... So... for the rest.

    There have been a number of times when in a crowd someone has bumped into me and i seriously thought "how did you not feel that?" I think that I have gotten to the point that it feels natural enough carrying that I don't find myself doing anything out of the ordinary to protect or conceal my firearm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    I have been made twice that I know of...

    This is by far the funniest...
    That is pretty funny. Wish I had some pictures of my wife's reactions for you. When we first got together it took her about three weeks to not put her hand on or over my pistol when giving ke a hug. Was priceless.

    Other than that my only giveaway is the clip for the holster showing on my belt, and you have to know what that is to know what's on the other side.

    I will say when I first started carrying I felt as if everyone knew my secret.

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    To my knowledge, never.

    Of course I'm still trying to figure out how you're aware if somebody sees your pistol or the print of your pistol. Are they supposed to gasp and point?? Are they supposed to shriek?? Panic?? Run away?? Scream "hey, he's got a gun"?? Go to you and tell you that they see your gun?? Do they point, stammer while trying to find the right words, and then faint?? Do they burst into tears upon seeing a gun and then ask for a tissue?? I mean do you know?? I drove my truck today and as far as I know nobody pointed and screamed "OMG! He's driving a truck!!". Does that mean I'm invisible??

    No. It doesn't. It just means that nobody reacted in a way that would be noticeable to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall:239784

    No. It doesn't. It just means that nobody reacted in a way that would be noticeable to me.
    This is very true, both times I'm aware of they were family or friend which meant they felt free to say something. My gun is fairly large for a compact so I do tend to be careful of what shirt I wear and if I think it is iffy I ask my wife to give me a once over. Luckily I'm not a toothpick and it isn't that difficult to hide the mass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warbirds View Post
    I'm not worthy of replying to some of those here.... So... for the rest.
    I agree..
    I guess an apology is in order from myself..
    I tried to provide examples and information..

    I take carrying seriously, but I guess I have to admit that I'm not perfect, or rich enough to buy all the perfect holsters for the perfect outfits, etc.. OR maybe they just NEVER go outside with other people??

    I guess to those that are "perfect" out there, they must have really had to endure my post.. IT must be hard to read many posts where people admit to their imperfections..
    Again, I do apologize..

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    Far as I know never, but I am very careful when carrying. Standing in front yard the other day t-shirt OWB holster gun and two mags talking with wife and neighbor lady, not concealed after about 10 minutes she finally noticed, I think most folks would not ever notice and would bet over half would not notice open carry in passing.

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    Never for me.


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    As far as i know, everyone that i have ever come across has never indicated whether they have seen me CC. I am very good about concealing my gun. But here in VT it doesn't matter whether you CC or OC, I do both regularly except for when I'm at work or going to and from work. I am a corrections officer, so i can't have any firearms in my vehicle while on the facility grounds or in the facility. I feel really "naked" during that 25 miles of driving.

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    I'm sure quite a few have.

    I don't worry much about whether it is spotted or not and am likely to pull off my cover garment when working or playing in the summer.

    It's not a big deal here, since neither the people or local LEOs are shocked...though a few tourists passing through from California do react now and then.

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    Never, ever in over 30 years, and I've been carrying a 2nd for backup for the last several years, and still never. Carrying is not a game, it's serious stuff. No one should ever know, till there's no other alternative in a bad situation. Carrying concealed also means to me to stay out of potential trouble scenarios.

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