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Thread: How often has someone noticed your conceal?

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    I have never been made but last week I took my kids to the movies. There was a line to get into the ladies room but my six yr old had to go. It was finally our turn and we went into the stall. My daughter used the toilet and when I went to drop my pants my daughter saw my gun. She knows I have guns, and that I carry so I don't know why she chose this moment to say in a very loud voice "MOMMY, Why do you have a gun?". There was no way the people in line and those in the other stalls did not hear her.

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    In 4 yrs, 2 times at church by friends that had been referances on my cpl application. Both times I had been sitting and reached down to pick up silverware that had fallen . When I stood up the butt of my 1911 was showing, and each time the person just quietly told me I was showing. I am learning to check the length of my shirts better.

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    I have had many interractions with LEO's, Having them in my family, It's hard to avoid, but even with LEO's not in my family, I've been to BBQ's with LEO's that didnt know me or even that i was related to some at the BBQ, After talking with them and the discussion come's up about firearms and they find out that Im carring, Had on more than one occation, the LEO say's "I would have never guessed you where carring?", I always say, "then I guess I'm doing it correctly?" Knock on wood, That i know of?, My firearm as never been noticed

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    Remember that as gun and concealed carry people, we know what to look for in dress and carry positions. The great unwashed public has no idea and most of them do not consider that anyone might be carrying a, horrors, gun.

    We assume that a vest means gun. Pants with big pockets means a gun. The others just assume that we have no sense of style or can't afford nice clothes.

    So unless your gun actually shows outside of your cover, they have no clue.

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    Today I was getting food and a girl turned around and bumped into me. Either her hand or just her arm bumped right onto my gun in my vertical shoulder holster under my jacket. No idea if she paid attention to it but it came at an ironic time since I was just thinking about if somebody was to bump into me or give me a hug, etc.

  7. Never had an issue. Keltec p3at in a pocket holster kept in my rear pocket. Looks like a wallet. I've even been to the beach in a pair of board shorts without issue.

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    As long as I'm legal, I don't really care if anyone notices I'm carrying or not. Whether my weapon "prints" or not doesn't matter to me. I carry concealed because (in Florida) it's not legal to carry openly, which I'd much prefer. I carry my weapon "in such a manner as to conceal the firearm from the ordinary sight of another person", as per Florida law. What they might THINK that bulge under my coat or shirt is, is not my problem, so long as I'm complying with the law. And if I get asked to leave someplace because I'm carrying, I do so without any fuss - if they choose to be victims, they can live with the consequences.

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    I have only been caught once, but that was by my girlfriend, we were cuddled up on her friends couch when she grabbed my side. She was aware of me carrying but kept it hush hush, so her friends didn't know. Have to say thanks to her since she didn't blow the cover. No one else knows til this day about my CC.

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    Never. Although one time, I was walking into my workplace and my shoulder bag banged into a gas pipe with a resounding gong. I don't think the guy behind me knew what caused it, but it was still embarrassing.

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    Im very new to the cc community and I am having to rethink my whole casual wardrobe... I like my 1911 and so hiding that monster and keeping accessable has become my new hobby until I get used to it. So far nobody has noticed it in my shoulder rig. My iwb small of the back holster needs longer-bigger shirts. The vest option hadn't occured to me.

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