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Thread: How often has someone noticed your conceal?

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    When I go out my wife don't even know unless she hugs me and her arm touches it. I do security at my church and need to know who among the few that have their CPL's are carrying at what service. We try to place ourselves at different places so we can have an advantage just in case and if a shot has to be fired not to place others in harms way. No one other than our security detail knows that I carry to church either. I have a tuckable holster for by duty sized firearm and a pocket firearm for a back up. I can take both and no one knows.
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    Absolutely, never!
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    It's been noticed twice. Once at a Dog Park breaking up a dog attacking mine, third time. Had a shoulder rig and my shirt flew open. The guy noticed it, finally grab his dog and walk away. Maybe thought that I'd shoot his dog next. (Which would have been legal in SC while I was living there) Other time at a grocery store in the parking lot. OWB with my 1911 SpFld and a big gust of wind opened my shirt. A women walking towards me looked down, smiled broadly, and didn't miss a step going in.
    Living now in NC, which is an OC State, not really going to be bothered if an sighting would occur.
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    Never, but the checkout gals at the local store have a clue when I walk out with magazines. And that usually brings up them needing to either get one or already carrying when not working.

  6. Maybe last night.

    I reached for my wallet (front pocket) last night at a convince store and pulled my shirt back a little far. I saw the sight dots for a split second.
    When I handed my money to the clerk she was staring at my hip. She looked more confused than alarmed, so I don't think she was sure about what she saw. She also might not have seen anything and was just zoned out.
    It ticked me off, I am usually very cautious especially in places like this where they might be a little more jumpy.

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    Humm how many times... NEVER unless I disclose.
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    I don't know, I don't care. I do my best to conceal. If someone notices, so be it.

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    So far no one has noticed

    I was grocery shopping yesterday and I tripped and fell at the store landing on my left arm. I carry on my right side and was afraid that when I fell my shirt might have came up and exposed the gun. Fortunately, that did not happen, I was not hurt , and my holster kept my gun from falling out. That is as close as I have come so far.

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    Never that I know of. At least no one has ever said anything to me BUT I've only been carrying about a year so... Well hopefully never.

  11. Never. Not even once over the many years I carried without, and never since I've carried with it.

    con·ceal (kn-sl)
    tr.v. con·cealed, con·ceal·ing, con·ceals
    To keep from being seen, found, observed, or discovered.

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