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Thread: How often has someone noticed your conceal?

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    I used to wear a 7.5" .44 cap and ball, butt forward behing my hip, riding a motorcycle as a kid, 1969, and covered it with just a hung out shirttail. If anyone noticed (not a legal state, for sure, it was Illinois!) they never got the cops onto me in TIME. :-) Of course, with everyone today being a cop (cell phone) I'd probably have to be a lot more careful, but very few people really look at a man below his neck level, at least, not closely. I switched to a much shorter gun and IWB at the navel, tho, about 1978, then to front prants pocket in 1982 or so, and never went back. The front pants pocket rig's much greater speed of ccw draw is by far more important than the "greater range' or power of the belt gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jg1967 View Post
    Just because nobody has ever said "hey is that a gun?" doesn't mean nobody ever noticed!
    Sadly, ?I got busted Friday. Tire shop workers spotted it. "NICE!" Ooops, knew what they were talking about. :( Had gotten out of their shop truck and the seatbelt had pulled my t-shirt from over it. Just glad the guys know me. And turned out the woman that was there was a barmaid and carried too.

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    I have been made once that I know of. I bent over to change a flat tire and my shirt rode up. Not really a big deal, guy just asked me if it was a real gun, DUHHH.

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    Been carrying for over 30 years, never been "made" that I know of.

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    Fortunately I haven’t had anyone notice…at least not yet. Since I normally carry a LCP (mainly because of its size) it makes it pretty easy to conceal.

  7. One time. But let me tell you the story...

    I was driving through Arkansas late at night, and had drank a few cups of coffee. About fifty miles west of Little Rock, my bladder commanded me to pull into a state rest area. Despite the late hour, the place was crowded...about half of the urinals were occupied. I stepped up to one, unzipped, and took aim. Before I could make the stream flow, my peripheral vision picked up this old pervert at a urinal to my right checking out my junk. He was pleasuring himself, of course.

    Now, please understand that I am not at all anti-gay. If a guy is into watching another guy's junk (on a consensual basis),that's all well and good with me. But I am most decidedly anti-pervert. And a creepy old dude trying to peek at my p##is at three in the morning is what I'd classify as a pervert.

    Non-chalantly, I brushed back my jacket to reveal my Glock 32. The creepy-p##is-peeker departed post-haste. As he quickly returned his own protruding appendage to his trousers, he emmitted a startled grunt! The old reprobate had apparently laid zipper tracks on his own manhood. Ah, justice!

    Yes, I know I was guilty of brandishing. But what was the freak going to do? Call the police?

    "Officer...I was looking at a guy's [email protected]@k at a rest area and noticed he had a gun!"

    I relieved my bladder and left. I now make it a point to use a stall with a door...even when I'm just performing number-one.

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    Hasn't ever happened to me yet.

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    Once after a charity ride for breast cancer I sat down and the chair raised my vest in the back and I didn't notice. When I stood to say a few words the butt of my Glock was visible under the vest. I carry in an IWB holster from Crossbreed so most of the time I'm good.

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    Never, so far. Most people out in public dont even give it a thought that there might be someone around them carring a concealed gun. If you are concealing it properly you don't have to worry about it. Half the time my wife doesn't even know I've got my gun on in the house.

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    A couple days ago I was making a key to a car for a couple of Navy guys. They had been talking about cars and what they were gonna put into this particular one once they had the key made.

    I was in and out of my van a couple of times but the last time I was in, I forgot the invoice book on the bench. Instead of jumping back in, I just leaned in and grabbed the book, across to the other side of the van where the bench is.

    As soon as I did, all of a sudden they started talking about their guns, which was never part of their original conversation.

    My gun was on my right hip in an OWB open bottom holster. I reached in with my right arm.

    Anyhow, I didn't take the bait and I left without adding to their conversation, as much as would have like to. You just never know who you're talking to and besides, I was on my way to another job.


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