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Thread: How often has someone noticed your conceal?

  1. Twice, and both times they were fellow gunnies. My experience has been that those who don't know what to look for, or even to be looking will never have any idea....

    Example: I carried for 3 days in the home of an anti-carry relative, during a Thanksgiving get-together, constantly moving around and chatting with 20+ family members, and no-one noticed...

    Bottom line, be smart about your concealment, but you are far more likely (IMHO) to be "made" by a sympathetic person or fellow gunnie than joe shmoe on the street.

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    Closest I have come is instinctively reaching to where I formerly carried my cell phone and feeling my carry. That was probably my 4th or 5th day with CHL. That doesn't happen any more.

  4. The only two times I know of both happened when I first started carrying. My best friend who already knew I carried and had seen both my holster and my pistol mentioned my belt clip once on my Maxtuck and once my Aunt hugged me at christmas and bumped it with her hand. That's when I figured out if you're going to hug someone make sure you go low with the hand on your carry side so they instinctively go high on that side.

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    Never, so far. Most people out in public dont even give it a thought that there might be someone around them carring a concealed gun. If you are concealing it properly you don't have to worry about it. Half the time my wife doesn't even know I've got my gun on in the house.
    Same here, my wife used to "bump check" me to see if I was carrying for a while after I started carrying. Now she knows I'm always carrying so she just assumes if my pants are on I'm carrying.

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    people don't even notice i'm oc'ing so i know for sure they wouldn't know when i'm cc'ing...

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