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Thread: finding a new home

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    finding a new home

    Hello to all here at, I am a member of uscca, witch i am not re-newing my subscription, Witch expires in Dec, It gone from a great place for like minded people to communicate and share knowledge about carring, but, It's gottin' to be more about the money for the forum owner, forcing members to sign up for product wether they want it or not, not giveing anyone the option to remain as a member alone, price jacked so far up, it's mindboggling, I'm hoping to find a new home for communication with like minded people, and hope to re-connect with other I've come to respect from other members from uscca, thank for reading and sorry if it's a bit winded

  3. Welcome to this board. I find it informative and lively.

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    Welcome from New Mexico. I too was a member of the aforementioned group. I finally requested a refund and landed here. So far, no advertising. Just good information and articles on the home page.

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    Welcome. I too am letting a membership run out from the last group and have found it quite welcoming and friendly here. Nice people and good knowledge, IMHO. Just steer clear of CCW Badge and Sheepdog discussions as they pop up in every thread like an outdated search engine link, even though they are always in jest and seem to be an inside joke among a few. Otherwise, I've found it very rewarding being here.

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    Myself as well.

    I also am going to let my USCCA membership run out. I found the forums and magazine informative and helpful, but the shyster-style advertising a major turn-off.

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    Myself also was an member of USCCA for three you I'm fed up with rising cost, and the Properganda.

    I will not be renewing my membership.I have been on USACarry for about two years, and this site is much more benifical than USCCA.

    Welcome aboard, you will find all the Information here, that you seek. The best part Its Free.

  8. +1 on not renewing uscca membership.

  9. I am with all of you, I will not be renewing. Glad I was not the only one feeling this way.

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    I only did the $7 trial membership and just didn't see the value in the price they asked. Welcome

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    I feel the urge to warn you about this board. Many here (at least the top posters) seem to have the mentalitly that their way is the best. Be it their brand of gun, holster, concealed carry or open, caliber of gun, size of said firearm, blah blah blah. So take it with a grain of salt if someone decides to argue with you, they feel the urge to "prove themselves" and are easily enough ignored. Dont completely ignore them, even a broken clock gets to be right twice a day.
    My way is not better, it is just mine, your way is not better, it is just yours.
    Carry what your comfortable with, there is no "Supergun" Carry how your comfortable, open or concealed, so you have it with you when you need it

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