Hoo-boy... Current GearHog promotion...
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Thread: Hoo-boy... Current GearHog promotion...

  1. Hoo-boy... Current GearHog promotion...

    Yup, the current GearHog promotion is:
    "$14.99 for a $38.00 Concealed Weapon Badge and Case"

    An absolute must for any concealed weapons permit holder! This law enforcement quality badge is exceptionally crafted and features a durable high-luster finish. The genuine black leather wallet has a window for your permit or ID. 5" x 3"

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    Same old story! If there's money to made........................


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    Seems kind of unnecessary with the badge. I can flash my CC badge and look cool, possibly getting arrested in the process.

  5. The over-the-top description is what really 'sells' it. "An absolute must"? Only if you want to get arrested for impersonating an officer!

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    Does anyone know if they give a bulk discount? This would be a perfect gift for some people on the site. If they had an OC badge my gift list would double. Lol.

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    I like this badge better.

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    You mean CCW badges really exists? That will be good inside my jewelry box if it is made of real gold. It will be nice to wear in some masquerade dressed-up party. Just a thought...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom View Post
    You mean CCW badges really exists?
    ccw badges.com - Custom Concealed Weapons Permit Badges, Mini Badges & Badge Lapel Pins

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    I'm gonna send one to G, if anyone can get him to divulge his address.

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    Yeah, I saw that the other day and was like, "When will this stupidity stop?".
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