scenario that has been bugging me
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Thread: scenario that has been bugging me

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    scenario that has been bugging me

    OK so normally I am not a big fan of what would you do scenarios, but this one has been bothering me since I first saw it on TV.

    Basically I wonder how would you react. I don't know what the guy said so he may have egged it on a bit but the video doesn't show the full scene that I saw on TV. Basically some of the punches the guy took slammed his head into a freezer and after it was all said and done he had a broken nose, jaw, eye socket, skull fractures and a concussion. I have been struggling with what I would do, especially if I wasn't able to walk out like one of the guys did.

    Personally I think I would try to dial 911 and give a location, and probably tell the victim to stay down as it seems that his getting up is prolonging the attack.

    Then I wonder if by calling 911 and telling the guy to stay down would that make me a target. If so what would I do then? Obviously the attacker is huge and can cause grave bodily injury so drawing may be appropriate, but space is very confined, so maybe run around the counter and into the kitchen to gain some space. Or you could stand there like everyone else did and do nothing but that's kind of what bugs me, this guy got a serious woopin that cost him dearly and it could have been much worse.

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    Dont know he had it coming?, seems he was on the phone when the female was poking him in the face, only going by what i saw, if the guy was just a innocent bystander, dont think i could just stand there and do nothing like most did, some even just left, At bare minimum, I would have called police, giving them a discription of the attacker and what had transpired, If that attracks attention to me, I will have already been perpared

  4. I remember seeing the whole video a while back and the guy on the phone said something to the person he was talking to on the phone. Something along the lines of "this lady is cutting in front of everyone..."
    The woman went nuts because he was talking about her.
    I'm not a lawyer so take it for what it's worth. For legal advice ask a lawyer.
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  5. Give you tube title of video. Link not workin.

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    Call 911 - That is why I have a cell phone. (Walk out the door while doing so.) If that draws attention to me. Then come and get it. - Any time you are around people like this, you can see it coming. Pay attention. Make yourself scarce.

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    I for one, am not going to allow some BIG, BAD & ANGRY guy get in my face like that and assault me. (That was an assault that escalated to battery.)

    I really didn't see the woman as a threat; just a big mouth HO'. But, when that big dude stepped up, EVERYTHING about him screamed an imminent & dangerous threat. Once that happens, I will act accordingly; and I'm not going to be nice about it whatsoever.

    Although the guy on the phone tried to retreat, he was still sucker punched & beat down. That's why I would do something to STOP that threat. If I was the guy on the phone, I most likely would have tried to create some distance, while staying ready to deflect & counter.

    If I was just a bystander, I may intervene as well. However, I can't say that for certain because the video doesn't tell the whole story.

    That place was a very SMALL & crowded space and IMHO; every single person in that place was in extreme danger.

  8. Holy friggin crap! That's why I carry. Here's how it would have played out. As soon as that dude came in my hand would have been on or very close to my gun. I would have circled for a distance no matter how much of a sissy I might look like. I think THE ONLY REASON the guy swung was because he has the uppercut sucker punch opportunity that the guy basically handed him on a silver platter. I can't help but blame the "victim" here, he did that I think I'm gansta swerve and got dropped for it. I would have played the white boy and very loudly would let everyone know I didn't want trouble, that way when he tries to rush and the quick draw puts 2 in his gut, its no question that I tried to avoid it at all costs. Maybe I'd luck out and the lady would have attacked me too so I could put her to sleep, that nasty plague on society. Hey stop acting ignorant if you want racism to end please

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    I remember when this happened. If memory serves me, all the witnesses said the woman started the whole thing by trying to cut in line and then launching into an abusive tirade. I also believe the puncher was convicted of some fairly serious crimes and was sentenced to several years in jail.

    IMO, once that first punch was thrown, the victim would have been entirely justified defending himself by any means available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cotillion:240459
    Maybe I'd luck out and the lady would have attacked me too so I could put her to sleep, that nasty plague on society.
    That's wrong. Might want to think about editing that, gives you a real bad image.

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    I would've called 911 and took a picture of both parties with my cell phone. I definately don't think that situation would've warrented presenting a firearm. Just call 911 and possibly try and calm them down (highly unlikely with that guy) but worth a try.

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