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    Quote Originally Posted by tuts40 View Post
    I'm with ya. If you read some of the posts elsewhere, i think you qualify for a cookie. ...I never did get mine and I have 4 Glocks, so don't hold your breath.
    The sheepdogs ate all the cookies.

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    Hi all new here ,been carrying a 27 for about 5 yrs , carried a m37 S&W for about 30 yrs before that , got a keltec for the small size for summer carry but love the glock

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    Wait, I bought a Kimber and didn't get a freaking cookie! Whats this cookie you speak of!

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    One dayi will get my 2nd Glock it's gonna be G-34 just for IDPA & match shooting !
    My edc is G-22 in a owb

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    I love mine. Ive had it since i turned 21 (7 years ago, 28 now). Its been my main carry piece since i got my permit last year. I think its the perfect combination of concealment, capacity, and firepower.

    Good all around gun. However, im going to really start carrying my new Glock 19 Gen 4 once i get it back from Glock from being repaired.

    Oh, BTW i own two Glock and thats not the reason why i deserve a cookie. I deserve a cookie just because i love cookies. Has nothing to do with owning glocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave606 View Post
    If asked what pistol should i buy, after getting my CCW permit? I always reply buy a Glock 27. Some may prefer another pistol, however i don't think anyone would argue that a Glock 27 is as good as it gets for reliability and firepower. It is also reasonably priced, and will not drive you nuts with scratch and wear marks.
    You know, this is a really good point about glocks that not to many mention. My glock 27 is 8 years old and there is not one single scratch or holster wear marks anywhere on the gun. The only wear is the black finish wear on the barrel which is normal of Glocks. No scratches on the frame or slide NONE. Still looks like the day i bought it. They hold up very well to the test of time when decently cared for.

    Ive had my Ruger LCR .357 for 1 year and its gots all kinds of little marks and scuffs from holster wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Manley View Post
    Wait, I bought a Kimber and didn't get a freaking cookie! Whats this cookie you speak of!
    1-They are only for Glock owners.
    2-The Sheepdogs ate them all already.

  9. really popular gun in our holster biz. that and the glock 23 sell like crazy. very comfortable carry for both, much better than xd and sig i think.

  10. I guess by my name you know I like them . I have Glock's 30(every day carry ) Glock 21 (soon). God Bless !

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