I Love my Glock 27
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Thread: I Love my Glock 27

  1. I Love my Glock 27

    Is there anybody else out there who thinks that a Glock 27 is a great choice when it comes to everyday conceal?

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    Yup #1 ccw. for me. My Colt Mustang is next. I just wished the made a Mustang + size 9mm. Modeled after the 1911. :)

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    I'm with ya. If you read some of the posts elsewhere, i think you qualify for a cookie. ...I never did get mine and I have 4 Glocks, so don't hold your breath.
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    My EDC small and easy

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    I love my 21, and I am still waiting on my cookie! LOL

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    I also have a Glock 27 and I've been carrying it for years. I love it , plus I'm dead-on at 25 yards with it. It's my 3rd Glock and definitely my fave.

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    I'll taken chocolate chip with my 27.

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    I have a 26 and love it, the 27 is the same size, so im sure i would love that one too :D

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    I have carried my G27 for about 6 years and I don't leave home without it. Make my cookie oatmeal with raisins please.
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    i prefer my XD 40.

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