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Thread: IL the LAST state give people its rights.

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    BlakeCH -- warm welcome from Missouri where across the river you will find FREEDOM all caps. We have a good castle doctrine here and CCW doesn't just mean "gun". MOVE!!
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
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  3. You'll have to vote Quinn out, you had your chance this last election, and didn't get it done.
    An optimist, is someone that doesn't know all the facts!

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    This being obummers state, I highly dout they will ever give the citizen there right to bare

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    Illinois is the way that it is because that's the way that Illinoisians want it to be. They follow the lead of Chicago and Chicago doesn't want self-defense. It took a Supreme Court decision just for Chicagoans to be able to HAVE handguns... IN THEIR HOMES.

    Illinois is all about corruption and "clout". I was born in Chicago and lived their for 20+ years.

    If Illinois EVER gets shall issue CCW, it will be via court decision and no other way.

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    You have to respect Illinois for their decision and publishing of their stance on CCW. (Keep reading before you flame me).

    Illinois says no guns, and they mean no guns. If you want to challenge them, go ahead. The cowards in the group are New Jersey, New York City, Maryland, California and the forgotten State of Rhode Island because all say that they will issue permits but Do Not. I am not sure what is more difficult to find, A NJ carry, a NYC carry or the right 6 numbers for the lottery. My guess is the lottery is easiest. (I left MA out intentionally as it isn't that difficult to get a permit even though they still trample on our rights on a regular basis)

    Maryland and NJ have an informal policy (practiced 100% of the time but not written because of it's illegality) of issuing permits only to those who need to carry a gun in order to make a living. NYC says they are the same, but other than armored car licenses, which require the handguns to be stored on-site at the headquarters, there are no permits for those not politically connected.

    Rhode Island is just a disaster. The local PD and AG both issue permits, but there are so many requirements that can't be met, they may as well require you to have a NJ or NYC carry license first.

    California? They should break into two states and the southern half should secede. San Fran south can be its own country. It already is anyway.

    It's sad that when you piece together the carry map, the Boston to Washington DC corridor, for the most part, is a gun free zone. Couldn't think of an area i would want a gun more in.

    Illinois may come around after a few more lawsuits and another Chicago fire (figurative not literal this time). There are a lot of rural areas in Illinois that just need to become vocal. There is little hope for the NorthEast, though. Good for Wisconsin coming to their senses. I hope their sensibility is contagious.

  7. Answering your question...

    As a fellow Illinois resident, I sympathize with you. Really people move to another state??? Sounds easy but impossible with my work,family, and farm. Anyways, I have a Utah and Florida permits. That allows pretty much maximum ccw carry for us folks from ILLINOISe! You pick up 4 extra states together by having the combo and one is WI. Other states like NV, you need their permit. I'm not sure the direct count but it is about 35 states. Ironically when I travel I won't go to any state that doesn't allow ccw or open carry. Hey ...check out Frontsight in NV excellent ccw. Also Gander mountain sponsors many UT and FL classes throughout the state.

  8. Join and fight!

    You can also join and fight the cause with Illinois State Rifle Association and On the I carry website it describes the loophole we have with 6 sec ccw. That is carry pouch with loaded mags in separate pocket. Takes about 6 sec to ready for fire. Hopefully the BG walks very very very slowly.

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