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    I have owned a Glock 21, since 1998. It's great for a duty weapon, and I have carried it in a IWB holster from time to time. But it does get uncomfortable in a concealed mode. For concealed carry I choose a Glock 19, in 9mm, or A full sized 1911 in .45 acp. Both are way more comfortable to carry concealed then a Glock 21.

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    The Glock configuration is a favorite of mine, and .45ACP is my favorite caliber. I carry a 21 most of the year, and a 27 in summer or around anti-relatives. I am 5'10", 145 pounds.

    (jtg452, I love my Kimber super carry custom too, and occasionally carry it.)

  4. I have a 3 year old Glock 30 for every day carry ( Gen 3 ? ) I also have Glock 21 I will replace sights ; then use for ccing > If you can rent and shoot at a range do so . A little more recoil on 30 I feel a little more accuracy on 21 ; only you can make this deterination . Good luck and God Bless !!

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    The glock 30 short frame has less recoil that I expected for a big bullet handgun. It is bigger than the 26 and has been mistaken for a 19 by a few people at the range. I like it a lot! I was considering a 36 at the time, but I like the option of using glock 21 magazines.

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    I have both glocks & 19911s and find no need to trash anyone anywhere.

  7. I am thinking of trading my Glock 22 .40 cal for a Glock 30 .45acp for something easy to conceal can't afford both.Just don't know what my Glock is worth,only have about 500 rnds thru it, bought a stainless steel guide rode,and a recoil buffer.Looking for a trade in on the glock 30. Please respond to give advice.

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    Glock's are good guns. I have a 27 Glock and never had a FTF. I recently picked up a stainless Para Warthog 45 and have to say I'm very impressed with it. I have ran 500 plus rounds through it. The Para was more expensive...You can not go wrong with either gun.

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    I have a 1st gen 21 and just love it!. I also have a ( as my nic says) a p6 very nice gun for carry. I have ordered a iwb holster from cleavland holsters and may order another from then for the 21 glock if i like.
    It all comes down to the person of what works best for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkeil961 View Post
    Just wanted some opinions on my next purchase that i was thinking of getting. I currently have a G26 Gen 4, and it is my EDC, which i absolutely love. I was just thinking about going to a 45 ACP and was trying to get some opinions on it. So between the G21, G21SF, and G30, which would one prefer for an EDC, or just stick with the G26.
    Im not interested in 40 cal, just because i feel that if your going to abandoned the 9mm, you ought to just go straight to the 45ACP, doent really see a reason to pick the 40 Cal. So between the ones listed, what would be the preference.

    G26 Gen 4
    If it helps, i am 6'1" 210 lbs, average build. Thanks for the insight!
    I purchased my very first Glock, the Glock21 in 1993. I absolutely LOVED it for it's accuracy & it's reliability. But as far as concealment goes, it is too large to comfortably conceal everyday i.m.h.o.
    Have you ever considered the Glock39 in the newer .45 G.A.P. round? Here is a good comparison video between the Glock26 9mm & The Glock39 .45 G.A.P.
    Here's another good video clip...
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    Just my 2 cents, I have a G21 3rd gen, for my conceal carry (first gun I purchased) and when i'm allowed to, I conceal carry IWB, but it is a little difficult. I CC'ed it during the thanksgiving holiday and my family isn't the biggest proponent, so I didn't want anyone to see. Except for the occasional family hug, no one asked as no one saw. So thought it's possible, it is difficult. I plan to get a smaller 9mm for conceal carry. (oh, and i'm 6'7", @ 185, so it's probably easier for me than most)

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