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    45ACP Glock

    Just wanted some opinions on my next purchase that i was thinking of getting. I currently have a G26 Gen 4, and it is my EDC, which i absolutely love. I was just thinking about going to a 45 ACP and was trying to get some opinions on it. So between the G21, G21SF, and G30, which would one prefer for an EDC, or just stick with the G26.

    Im not interested in 40 cal, just because i feel that if your going to abandoned the 9mm, you ought to just go straight to the 45ACP, doent really see a reason to pick the 40 Cal. So between the ones listed, what would be the preference.

    G26 Gen 4

    If it helps, i am 6'1" 210 lbs, average build. Thanks for the insight!

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    I have one of the original G21's that has been flawless for many years. However
    it is big and heavy for carry all day long. I bought a G30 not long after they
    came on the market and prefer it for carry. Just because of weight and size.
    Sometimes I carry one of the two G26's I have but usually carry the G30.
    One surprise I had on the G30 is it shots almost as soft as the G21. I had
    expected more recoil because of the size and less weight.

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    I personally carry a gen 4 17, and am looking closely at the 21sf. Mileage varies of course, but I like the fullsize frame with the narrower grips.
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    The G30 is a great gun. Some might find the recoil a bit sharp.


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    I love my G36, very reliable to me

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    The G26 you have is perfect, as would any other Glock. Congratulations tho on your looking for another, hope you end up with just the one you want.

    I for one am a .40 guy. Only .05" difference with a good track record of stopping attacks, very similar if not identical to the .45. (in fact, all at 9mm and above in caliber are very similar in "avg shots used to stop attack" or similarly titled study I read recently). Anyway, the .40 hits harder than a 9mm on paper and you have more mag capacity than a .45. I used a .40 Glock on my trips to Front Sight, follow up shots were not a problem.

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  8. I also have a G36, and I love it for EDC. If you have a big frame,like you stated earlier, you will like the pierce 0 or +1 mag base.

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    I have an original Glock 21 w/preban Hicap Mags too. In my opinion .45 is the only way to go. I'm purchasing a Kimber Super Carry Ultra+ for CCW purposes.

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    I have a G-21SF and a G-36, and have shot a G-30, they all shot great, but the 21 is a bit large to EDC, the 36 carrys very well, the 30 felt a little big, I have small hands, maybe a 30SF may be OK, I have several Glocks, and alternate, between the 36, 23, 27, and 31C, with the 23 and 36 being carred the most

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    I didnt realize that Glock produced an .45ACP,I know, or think they Produced .45GAP but if your looking to purchase an .45ACP I would highly reccomend the Para Hawg .45ACP .

    Sorry, I'm not a Big Glock Fan. I know they produce Excellent Weapons. They are just not for me.

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