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Thread: is a glock a good beginner gun

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    Yup you don't need to clean them much feed them well and you will get cookies from owning one. But alot of ppl will hate you. I can say I love the looks and feel of my 1911's. My kimbers are looking sweet but they don't perform as well as the ugly girl Glock IME......and they eat anything

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    Glocks are good guns. I've got two, a Glock 19 and a Glock 22.

    That being said, a Glock is like the C programming language. It will do whatever it's capable of that you tell it to do, good or bad. If you tell C to read/write outside of an array, it will, crashing the program (and maybe the OS). If you point a Glock at your foot and pull the trigger, it'll shoot you.

    A Glock is a better second handgun than a first one, although someone could certainly learn how to safely use one as his first handgun.

  4. My first carry pistol and only pistol I own is a Glock 23. I believe by starting out as your trigger finger being the ONLY safety, it trains your brain and muscle memory the best. If you start with; we'll say, a 1911, you have a MANUAL safety to rely on. Now, a couple years later, you want a Glock. How are you going to remember there is no manual safety?

    You ALWAYS have to be safety conscious, but with the Glock, you really have to pay attention.

    Put dummy rounds in it and practice, practice, practice drawing until your muscle memory is 100% on drawing with your finger NOWHERE NEAR THAT TRIGGER. Then keep practicing that the next day and the next. That Glock is always "Hot". Once your brain and trigger finger sync "as one", your off on the right start. Good luck and welcome to the world of carry!!!! You have many friends on this site. Let us know how this all goes for ya!!!

  5. I like the Glock 26 & 33

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    Its hard to say if a Glock is a good beginner gun. Whats good for me might not be a good gun for you. My personal opinion is that its about whats comfortable. If your not comfortable with the gun you buy, then you wont carry it and it wont serve the purpose you bought it for. Most gun stores will have many guns on site that you can, at least, pick up and handle. This will give you a good idea the way the gun fits in your hand, if its to heavy etc, etc. Its not fair if someone tells you that you need to purchase a certain name brand because its the best gun for a beginner. With that being said I own two Glocks. One is for my duty carry at work and the other is for off duty. I chose the Glock because its reliable and a good all around combat gun. I went with the little brother of my full size gun for off duty so that I would be carrying a similar gun in both cases. No one can tell you what is a good gun for you, you need to figure that out through experience, and trial and error, on the range of course. I know I didn't answer your question directly, but I hope I gave you some things to think about.
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    Everyone will tell you what should be your best beginner gun, but, the truth is that the previous post is the most accurate. You will need to define what is the best gun for yourself. Also be open minded enough to realize that once you make up your mind, you can change it as well. Carrying around a full sized auto in all situations will get very old, very quickly, especially since there are some very good options (both ballistically and ergonomically) in compact and sub-compact handguns (both revolver and automatic).

    If you are able to, go to a range and fire as many guns as you can while still being able to be objective about them. You will naturally move towards what you can control and use the best. Also realize that to truly carry every day, one single handgun may not fit the bill. You may need two or three (full size, compact and sub-compact / pocket gun).

    As for your carry protocol, the same is true. Most will tell you that an IWB Kydex combo is best. I don't know of anyone who carries on a regular basis that doesn't have a drawer full of holsters. Why? Because you may need a different holster for the same gun for different carry situations as well as trial and error. You may love one today and find something better tomorrow.

    Truth be told, just like everything in life, it will take time, trial and experience to figure out what is right for YOU. If you are not part of an agency that dictates what, when and where you carry, the options are endless. Whatever fits you best, and you feel most comfortable with will be the best for you. If you aren't comfortable and confident, you will stop carrying and defeat the purpose of having a handgun for self protection.

    Good luck, and don't forget to enjoy the process. It really can be a lot of fun training, choosing and evaluating if you look at it that way!

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    The short answer is Yes, the Glock is a good beginner gun. So is ANY high quality, well-made pistol or revolver, in any caliber that you can physically handle. My first pistol was the full-size .45 my Dad had carried in the Army in WWII. As a beginner, though, concentrate on getting high-quality training, and LOTS and LOTS of correct practice, to pound in good habits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanimator View Post
    That being said, a Glock is like the C programming language. It will do whatever it's capable of that you tell it to do, good or bad. If you tell C to read/write outside of an array, it will, crashing the program (and maybe the OS).
    I have yet to figure out how to perform a push or pop opperation on the status register in either C or assembly language.

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    I think they are, plus you'd be eligible for a cookie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amsgator View Post
    I think they are, plus you'd be eligible for a cookie.
    I thought that the sheepdogs ate all the cookies.

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