is a glock a good beginner gun
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Thread: is a glock a good beginner gun

  1. is a glock a good beginner gun

    I'm new to ccw and op so I was just wondering if I can get some info please and thank you

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    What's going to be it's intended use?

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    My first pistol was a Glock 19. Since the I've purchased a Glock 26. Glocks are not for everyone. Make sure it fits your hand and if you can run through a box of rounds to see if you like the feel.

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    Cant go wrong a Glock. They are very simple in how they function which I think is good for a beginner. Because they do not have tons of unnecessary safeties like you find on a 1911, Glocks teach you that the real safety is your brain. If you buy a Glock, you will quickly realize one of the most important things to do is be aware of your trigger finger. They are also simple in the take down which is great for a beginner, especially when you need to clean it. Other than that, they are very popular guns and you will find plenty of info about them online, plenty of other Glock owners, and plenty of accessories for your new Glock.

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    Yes, Glock is great for the beginner as well as the pro. Whatever gun you get should fit your hand. Then, take a class. You wouldn't drive a car without prior instruction, the same goes for a gun. Find an instructor you feel comfortable with and sign up for a class. Then go out and practice. Always remember these two rules 1-Be Safe 2-Have Fun.

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    If you want to have fun, get a 22 caliber gun. The bullets are more cheaper. As you go along, you will find that you need more gun, more bullets, more range time -- then buy another gun, perhaps a Glock? Get comfortable and adept with shooting first before buying a more serious gun. Just my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    especially when you need to clean it.
    What? You dont need to clean a glock, ask most glock owners! What kind of crazy talk is that anyways, I mean come on! Who takes care of something they are betting their lives on?

    Ok, now back to being serious. If your looking for polymer, Glocks are good and IMO so are Springfield XD's. If your looking for a basic pistol that you can upgrade the crap outta, then go Glock. If your just looking for self defense, shoot as many guns as your situation allows and go from there. In my slice of heaven, we dont have indoor ranges, or anywhere to rent guns from, so its all what fits in your hand comfortably and LOTS of research to keep from buying something that doesnt fit the bill so YMMV
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    haha. you do not need to clean a glock, sure you do not need to clean then. But that just makes me feel dirty
    and after a few thousand rounds and you still carry your dirty is going to smell a mile away...!

    so no need to keep it concealed man, they can smell you a mile away, hehe.

    had to make a joke of it...but you are correct you do not need to do much maintenance on glocks, but it is best practice to keep it clean and lubricated.

    glocks are awsome in any environment, but they do rust... on the Glocks you can modify the hell out of them..

    just get a good solid gun that will bring you joy and not pain.

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    Make sure you get a kydex holster or a holster that has a reinforced mouth for reholstering. Soft holsters can get hooked on the trigger when holstering. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot u will be fine.

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    My first gun was a Glock in .40. I took it to Front Sight back when and have not looked back. ...'cept how did all the other guns get into my safe?
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