Overpass highwayman stopped by CCW in Lumberton NC
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Thread: Overpass highwayman stopped by CCW in Lumberton NC

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    Overpass highwayman stopped by CCW in Lumberton NC

    A serial overpass robber armed with a shotgun, and disabling vehicles before racing down the embankment to rob them, was finally stopped by a couple who had the hood of their vehicle blasted, disabling their car as they drove under his selected ambush point. The man went after the robber, and was on the ground wrestling him for the shotgun, when the lady took the smarter route, and pulled the pistol from the glove compartment. He was arrested. According to reports, this is at least his third robbery by the same method.

    The Robesonian - Gunman beaten arrested following robbery attempt

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    And another one bites the dust. I just wish the main stream meadia was on our side and cover the hell out of stories like this.

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    You may see this on Fox News but thats about it.The main stream media will not report on someone defending themselves with a legal handgun. That would not promote gun control.

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    What??!! Fox news not being unbiased??!!! Good for that couple, smart move on her part.

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    I am glad the couple wasn't hurt...
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