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Thread: wisconsin permitt anyone get their permitt yet?

  1. My goodness the paperwork was received on the 3rd and the check has cleared a while ago now so im sure I'll have to wait the whole 45 days or until they find out it fell behind the desk. The wait in maddening knowing others received theres so quickly.

  3. I'm not in that state but to hear the number of approved CCWs are past 10,500 brings a huge smile to my face. I hope it reaches well past 1,000,000.
    Oh and I too am sarcastically waiting for blood to flow in the streets and shoot outs at every car accident. Stupid media Hahahaha. Nonetheless, as always Congrads WI and to all the ccws, its bout time.

  4. Hudstone

    My father and I overnighted them on the 1st from different cities, he is in the 400's and mine is almost 8000. They were both there by 10:00 on 11/2/2011. Luck of the draw I guess.

  5. Mailed mine the 2nd, check cashed the 14th, post marked the 25th, received the 26th!

  6. Got mine the 22nd. Sent in regular mail on the 2nd, check cashed on the 14th, license issued on the 18th.

  7. I'm not in WI, so didn't read the fine print in the bill, but often times that means 45 BUSINESS days -- that's nearly two-and-a-half MONTHS on the calendar, with the Holidays involved in between!

    That said, fine job getting the carry bill signed into law.


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    STILL waiting, sent off on 2nd, cashed check on the 8th, the dog must have got the mail and lost it!

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    Cashed the check on nov 14, Issued nov 28th, postmark nov 30th, recieved Dec 1st


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    Mailed mine in on the 1st from Northern WI. Received permit on the 17th. Number is in the 8500s

  11. My wait is over mailed on Nov 1st and received Dec 10. #22k +

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