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Thread: What bullet do you use ?

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    I really like the Winchester 230Gr PDX1 in my HK USP45. (45 ACP)
    I use the Winchester Lawman 180Gr SXT in my Baby Eagle. (40 S&W)
    For my 38SPL Revolver it is Extreme Shock (frangible)

    My Goto home defense gun is my 12Ga. Mossberg 500 with #4 high brass.

    Any good quality semi jacketed hollow point will get the job done reliably. Find out what local law enforcement carries in your area and use those if they function well in your gun.

    Stay away from handloads for self defense.
    The right attorney will have a field day with the fact that you loaded them. They will say things like premeditated and more effective killing machine. These are words that you do not want to have come up when all you wanted to do was stop the threat. Using the same ammo as local LEOs is a better answer as it has already passed muster as not being too powerful or overly efficient and makes your defense in a self defense case much simpler for your attorney and whatever expert he/she brings in.

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    Cor-Bon DPX

    Quote Originally Posted by wizard View Post
    My Sister and I were discussing bullet types the other day, She had said that she was worried about over penetration should she have to use her weapon. She has decided to use Glaser safety slugs in her carry guns. I am using the COR-BON DPX. She carries a Glock 23 & Sig 238, I carry a Glock 23 & Kel-Tec PF-9. Anybody have thoughts on this subject?
    +1 Cor-Bon DPX 115gr

    I like research and science. This article specifically mentions Glaser Safety Slugs (NOT in a good way) and the Cor-Bon DPX (in a good way, for most of the calibers)

    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo

    Another good read is this one on the Chuck Hawks site:

    Ammunition For The Self-Defense Firearm

    Again, the Cor-Bon DPX Barnes bullets are well received (at least in 9mm) and much of the writing is based on the work of well-known police officers who have extensively studied the issue of firearms, ammunition and stopping power.

    To each his/her own. But when my life and the lives of those that I care about are on the line, my choice of self-defense ammo is based on 1) science/research, and 2) will it load reliably through my gun. Cor-Bon DPX wins on both counts.

    Don't rely on a sales pitch to save your life...do your own research and then make your own choice.

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    I use Speer Gold Dot in my 1911 and Federal Low recoil hydrashock in my S&W Model 36.

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    Speed gold dot in my G26 and Hornady critical defense in my. 380 BUG.

  6. Speer Gold Dot Hollow Points in my Ed Brown 1911. But I alternate with Hornady Critical Defense.

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    Winchester Ranger T; 147 gr. in my Glock 19.
    Happily clinging to God and my guns...not at all bitter.

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    Hydra-Shok all day

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    Grizzly Extreme 175g in .45ACP for my G36 & Hornady Critical Defense 124g in 9mm for my G19.

  10. Hi
    I use a jHP. with a gello drop of black mamba venon inserted in the hollow of the jacketed bullet! under that I put a small explosive cap. I think it is very fatal. Like the movie jaw and his poison bullet.
    NOT REAL JUST KIDDING IT'S SHOT PLACEMENT and a good workin round and pistol combo thats what you want the more than you mess with the gun the more that can go wrong. test your rounds and gun and when they work all the time and you get good at hitting what you want to hit your there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malakai Christoff View Post
    Grizzly Extreme 175g in .45ACP for my G36 & Hornady Critical Defense 124g in 9mm for my G19.

    Never seen any Hornady CD in 124g, i thought they only made 115g as of yet?

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