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Thread: What bullet do you use ?

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    Federal .38 Special 158gr. LSWC-HP "FBI" in all of my .38s and .357s.

    Winchester White Box 147gr. JHP in all of my 9x19mms.

    Hornady 200gr. JHP TAP in my .45s.

  3. I carry a Beretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm with Winchester Ranger T 124gr +P JHP. Love these rounds. Very accurate and superior expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard View Post
    My Sister and I were discussing bullet types the other day, She had said that she was worried about over penetration should she have to use her weapon. She has decided to use Glaser safety slugs in her carry guns. I am using the COR-BON DPX. She carries a Glock 23 & Sig 238, I carry a Glock 23 & Kel-Tec PF-9. Anybody have thoughts on this subject?
    So many great self defense rounds that are available out there nowadays....
    With that said, I'm currenty carrying Hornady Critical Defense.
    Stay safe!
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    Hornady TAP +P 230gr .45 ACP.

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    Hornady Critical Defense for all my weapons. Glock 27, Ruger SP101, Ruger SR9C, Ruger LC9, LCP

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    Winchester for range time

  8. I use whatever shoots the straightest and functions with 100% reliability out of that particular gun.

    All the pistols I have except 2 (out of about 3 dozen) prefer a different self defense load, so I use everything from the classic JHP designs like Silvertips and Hydrashocks to the latest Corbon and Hornaday. One of my .44 Special 5 shooters even prefers the all lead (unjacketed) Federal 200gr SWC-HP's, so that's what is in it (and all the speedloaders for it) right now.

    Don't get wrapped up in buying Brand X or Brand Y just because of what you read on the internet or hear second hand. Every gun is slightly different and the only way to find out what works best in YOUR gun is to shoot some of the ammunition in your gun and find out. I own guns that are consecutively serial numbered and identical in every way except for the last digit in the serial number and they have completely different ammunition preferences.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by gkeil961 View Post
    Never seen any Hornady CD in 124g, i thought they only made 115g as of yet?
    You are correct. They have 115 gr Critical Defense and 135 gr Critical Duty. Hornady does make a 124 gr XTP round though.
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    Winchester Ranger T in .45 ACP.

  11. Hornady CD in my LC9 and Federal HST in my M&P 40c

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