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Thread: What bullet do you use ?

  1. Remington Golden Sabers in my 9 and my 380.

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    G30 45ACP 230gr Gold Dot
    G19 9MM 115gr Gold Dot or 127gr Ranger

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    In my 45 I carry Hornady Custom +P 230 gr XTP
    I like what I see on penetration tests.

  5. Winchester Ranger T in 9mm, .45acp, and wife's .380

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    Speer Gold Dot in one, Critical Defense in the other.
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  7. Does anyone use Double Tap ammo?

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    Gold Dots in my .40's and 9mm. Hydra-Shocks in my .380.

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    I choose the brand based on ballistics and also consider consistent accuracy for that caliber. I was using Hydra-Shoks on the street for the hard-barrier penetration (and still love them). But now I use Speer Gold Dot in my home and carry .45, and went to Federal HST 165 grain for .40 due to better ballistics over the Hydra 180 grain. (.45 in winter, .40 in summer, although I'm just about convinced on the .45 all year).
    But it really depends on what one is trying to accomplish - the best expansion is found in Winchester Silver-tip (I use these in my 10mm G20 for hunting). The Winchester Ranger T series is also good. And in .45 I like the 230 grain so I go to +P for the extra power instead of lighter grain .45 rounds as some do. (But hey, a couple of regular .45 traveling at 825fps/460+ftlbs and opening up to almost the size of a quarter is nothing to sneeze at).
    I don't do the high-dollar stuff like Cor-Bon or Hornaday or Buffalo Bore, et al. And for plinking and practice? Winchester white box FMJ from Walmart.

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    What could guarantee a super long, redundant, been-said-before-many-times, "I use this", "I use that" kinda thread better: A) a caliber war or B) a bullet style thread?
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  11. I use Hornady Zombiemax Critical Defense in my. 45 just in case ;))

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