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    Critical Defense for now. When the local gun shops get the Critical Duty that will be my carry ammo and the Critical Defense will go into my home guns. On the off chance of a car jacking attempt I would Like a round that penetrates barriers better. Due to the construction few of the interior walls would let a hand gun bullet pass in any area I would likely be firing at. I'm sure my neighbors would rather I had a round that had less penetration should one of my rounds leave the house.
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    I bought a box of Speer Gold Dot cartridges , for my .380.
    My .40S&W has Golden Sabers, my .45ACP has Gold Dot.

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    I carry a j-frame. Currently using my last box of Corbon .38Spl 158gr LHP +P+. I don't think Corbon makes these any more though.
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    Federal Hydra-Shok .40 S&W
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arh75 View Post
    I use Hornady Zombiemax Critical Defense in my. 45 just in case ;))
    Just in case of Zombies? I carry the critical defense in .40 S&W

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    Quote Originally Posted by NDPendant View Post
    Does anyone use Double Tap ammo?
    Yes and with good results. BG's and Zombies never get back up. I have 'em for my 45 and 10mm. Some people say they don't perform as advertised and some say it's all they buy. They do seem to be loaded a little hotter than the mainstream commercial ammo and I also find them to be quite accurate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
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    Winchester Black Talons loaded in my 10mm at the moment, Winchester Super X in 10mm, Double Tap in 10mm and 45 and Hornady XTP TAP 45 +P are others I leave in the mags
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    I prefer the Hydra-shoks in my .357, and Buffalo Bore SWHC in my .38.

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    I currently use Critical Defense in my .40 S&W and .45. I have MagTech Guardian Gold for my .40 S&W as my backup mag, and Remington Golden Saber for my backup.45 ACP mag. My wife has Glaser Safety Blue in her .38 Special, but after reading the 11/13/11 post from eaccents, she will be getting new SD ammo soon.

    eaccents, those links were very insightful. Thanks for that. My mind has been changed about Glaser and even DRT (which I got for my .40 S&W on a very good deal from Gander Mtn.) I guess I now know why it was such a good deal.

    Longslide10 - I've been thinking about the Double Tap for both .40 S&W and .45 ACP, mostly for the ft/lbs and low flash. I know you use these in your extra mags, but are you satisfied enough to trust them with your life as primary self-defense? BTW, we're both from PA and I think I may have seen you on the PA FOA site as well. I would appreciate your input about Double Tap ammo. Thanks in advance.

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    Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P 9mm

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