What bullet do you use ?
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Thread: What bullet do you use ?

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    Cool What bullet do you use ?

    My Sister and I were discussing bullet types the other day, She had said that she was worried about over penetration should she have to use her weapon. She has decided to use Glaser safety slugs in her carry guns. I am using the COR-BON DPX. She carries a Glock 23 & Sig 238, I carry a Glock 23 & Kel-Tec PF-9. Anybody have thoughts on this subject?

  3. Hornady

    My wife carries a Tarus .38 special and I carry a sig. P229. We both use the critical defense by hornady.

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    Critical Defense by Hornady

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    I carry Hydra-Shock to avoid over penetration. No reason for selecting it over any other defensive ammo.

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    What ever you do use practice with it and make sure it will run in your guns.

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    Hornady Critical Defense !

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    Quote Originally Posted by F H View Post
    What ever you do use practice with it and make sure it will run in your guns.
    Well posted! ......

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    I have been using semi-jacketed hollow point to reduce overpenetration, but am now looking at frangable to eliminate it. Also, if you miss, frangable will not ricochet, but will likely disintergrate reducing the risk of injuring a non-intended target. Carry is a S&W 686 .357Magnum.
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    Winchester Ranger T in my 9mm Ruger SR9c, is my carry round/firearm.
    for the home I have speer gold dot for my Glock 22, and my Remington 1911
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    I use Speer 124 grain Gold Dot Hollow Point. It feeds through all of my 9mm firearms including my SUB 2000. I saw independent testing showing excellent performance for expansion and penetration to FBI standards and when fired from the longer barrel of the SUB 2000 the bullet was still accelerating. Testing showed that this round would accelerate up to a 17 inch and lost velocity from an 18 inch barrel. I have carried Hornaday Critical Defense and Federal HydraShock and they also perform within standards I have except for in the carbine. All would trust all three of those rounds in my firearms. I just like knowing that whatever 9mm I pickup and whatever magazine I grab, I know I have the best ammo performance for my equipment.

    I have never used the safety slugs, and I personally feel that it is kinda like "snake oil", has a great sales pitch, but in the end will it do what it advertises. Will it give adequate penetration to stop the attacker. If you get a good hit could the round begin to pulverize before hitting a vital organ allowing the attacker to continue. With a quality hollow point the round would expand damaging the tissue in the attacker and slowing the round while inside the target. The quality hollow point, in my opinion, give you the much better chance of stopping the attack and while I don't mix ammo in my magazines, maybe she could load the magazine with a quality hollow point and load the top round and chambered round safety slugs. That way for the first two rounds doesn't stop the attack rather that just shooting more, for the situation, ineffective ammunition she has a more effective round that she could use. I still think that just using hollowpoints is the better way to go.

    Just my 2.

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