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  1. The way I see it. You felt like your life was in danger. There is no way of telling what kind of drugs were in the person's body or what weapons they were concealing, but you took a gamble and handled the situation. Lets be glad that it didnt cause the situation to escalate as that person could have been calling his friends with guns. I've been told one thing from everyone I've looked up to when handling guns, You pull the gun and had better intend to you it(not to mention a proper cause). You and your friends could have promptly walked inside and called the police at first sign of danger. You walked out alive and that's what you intended. I wish this experience (and every experience is worth its lessons) wasn't so expensive, though. The fine line of life and law makes it a tough choice.

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    You were the superior force--you had numbers on your side. You have martial arts training--you could have handled this guy without weapons. He never showed you a weapon, you were not reasonably in fear of serious bodily harm or death (at least you should not have been.) Any CCW instructor who tells you to "pull[ing] your weeapon [sic] and using it (not firing) to sccare [sic] an attacker away" has NO business giving CCW classes; he's going to get a lot of people put behind bars--or in situations like yours. As it's been previously stated: When your weapon leaves the holster, you ARE using deadly force, PERIOD! Pepper spray, stun guns, tazers; those are non-lethal force tools--a firearm is a LETHAL FORCE ONLY tool.

    If you try to fight this, you'll lose. You violated the law. You brandished your firearm without a serious threat of bodily harm or death (you were with a friend and you're martial arts trained), a guy talking crap is not a deadly thing--he was coming to get in your face, again, not a lethal threat; plus, you were stupid enough to carry your CCW without your permit!

    Keep in mind: the DA and the judge might not accept a plea deal (pleading guilty to disorderly conduct); you may have to fight. Lots of these DAs like to make examples out of CCW folks, gin up anti-CCW sentiments in the community. Get a better lawyer!

    You should have just shot him thrice, center-mass. Swore to God and all that's holy in the universe that you SAW a knife or something. Even if no one else 'saw' it, it makes your case a whole lot better on the lethal force theory if you 'saw' a weapon--even if that weapon turns out to not have existed. "I swear I saw a weapon!" sounds a lot better than "he was saying mean things and walking toward me"...

    You also talked to much to the cops at the scene. You should have said "I'm going to exercise my right to remain silent", "I want a lawyer before I make a statement", 5A privilege or whatever and clammed the hell up. Sounds like you've crapped your nest, mate.

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    Martial arts teaching you the best punch is one not thrown... Now do you want to risk getting physical with an attacker knowing that your armed and your gun can possibly be taken from you... And how do you know this person isn't a street fight, boxer, or mma fighter... Around this area its very common... Like I said I've been taught that the best self defense is your mind. Not a bullet not your fist. Using my mind and training I was able to brandished my
    Weapon as he came to attack me, stopping the artack from occuring, so no physical harm would occur to either of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milesihrig View Post
    Deadly force is not brandishing your weapon, deadly force is pulling the trigger... That is what I was instructed in my ccw class
    I said the *threat* of lethal force. Putting another in fear of his or her life. What do you think you'll be charged with after robbing someone using a blackened water pistol? Toy gun robbery?

    No offense dude but everything you've written implies you must be a youngster without much life experience or developed judgment. Not exactly the kind of person who should be carrying the power of life and death on his hip.

    You screwed the pooch and now you have to face the music. Here's hoping you learned something. I'm done.

  6. Try carrying a smaller gun and in its place carrying something besides leathal options. Pepperspray or a Taser would have been much better options then instantly going to a lethal force option. You are also trained in martial arts. Hands on could have defused the situation especially if you have fought off FOUR people and got out with minimal injury. Also, if you ever carry legally again, i would recommend a holster with some kind of retention so if you do go hands on you can defend yourself easier. Also i would change carry position. What if you fell back onto your gun and were parylized because you fell on your gun? Not a good situation. If its a non felony take the plea. Try to get your guns back if possible and legal. But review the use of force continuum and carry options. I carry 2 guns with spare ammo on body, and still have room for a knife and can of spray. Not all situations are gun situations.

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    Ok, you made a mistake or two. You pulled the weapon and now have to deal with the consequences.You were there with your friend And a couple of his friends. We can point a finger and say shame on you etc etc. Simple fact of the matter is this is a learning lesson. Don't pull if it if your not going to use it was what I was always told. Also, next lesson,never say ANYTHING to police without consulting a lawyer first! It sucks but take your lawyers advice and asap have it expunged.

  8. I just don't see, nor will a jury see where this deadly threat is. 90% of people who get in your face do absolutely nothing. If you are that worried about gun retention then you should have been carrying it in a way that its not a threat

  9. @Agent Green. As a 21 year old who has a carry permit, 5 years of police experience and 2 years security experience I am going to stand up for the young people who do carry responsibly. And anyone regardless of age can be scared and mess up with a gun.

    I am also taking MAG 40 in May.

  10. a bit to fast

    you may have a problem over this !
    you pulled on a unarmed but upset man
    you could have retreated or called a officer
    if you were chased and hit with a object you
    might get away with it but, i dont think this is a
    - stand your ground thing -
    dont pull if its not a kill or be kill thing
    if your story get some sympathy you might be ok -

    blessings ------ bobknab

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    Quote Originally Posted by milesihrig View Post
    so when is it exactly you have ther ight to pull your weapon... do you have to be laying on the ground being beaten...

    in my ccw course, i was instructed that pulling your weeapon and using it (not firing) to sccare an attacker away but in order to fire your weapon, you have to feel that your life was in serious jeapordy.

    no law in ohio about size off ccw gun.. as i told the officer i was able to safely carry the weapon without anyone knowing that i was armed
    Could you please clarify that second paragraph?
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