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    Quote Originally Posted by sourdough44:243877
    I was surprise when I went to a local bank the other day(WI) they didn't have a 'no guns' sign. Maybe they realize a robber won't give a chit about such a sign.
    I was so happy my bank took their sign down before I got my permit. I couldn't stop smiling as I sat in my bankers office talking while I was armed to the teeth.

  3. Yeah I really don't get it, if you are really concealed they will never know anyhow. If for some reason the business finds out, they ask you to leave and you leave. Honestly the only way they should find out is if you have to draw on a BG and if they kick you out for that then they deserve to be robbed.
    "A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one!" - Alexander Hamilton

  4. In the area of WI that i'm from, there has only been one sign spotted...at a clinic believe it or not. I was talking to a local business owner who had told me that they were contemplating putting up one of these signs. I kindly offered my services with a paint brush so he could have a pretty target on the front door and i also said that it would be easier to have one of his staff standing at the entrance with a bag of cash to avoid any damage to his expensive cash register. Needless to say, no sign was put up.

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