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    Quote Originally Posted by WB9IIE View Post
    More onerous standards to acquire a permit so that only FBI agents can pass muster (look at New York’s permit system);
    Uh? NYS has fewer people than Texas but NYS has 3 times the number of CCW permits as Texas. What the heck is he talking about?

    Mis-statements like that put a question mark on every thing he said.

    Like Bill O'Reilly depicting Lincoln in the "Oval Office" in is book, even though the Oval Office wasn't built until the Taft administration.

    Factual mistakes like that

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    My $0.02 worth...

    I'm on the email list for nationalgunrights.org. As a layman, I've been trying to find a rational for their argument...and I just haven't been able to do so.

    I'm beginning to suspect a hidden agenda as well. This bill has passed the NRA's muster, which means their legal team has pored over it with a fine toothed comb. While I'm not in agreement with EVERYTHING the NRA says and does, their record on promoting pro-2A legislation is, frankly, sterling. More than good enough for me.

    It could be argued that the NRA wants fewer gun laws about as much as the American Cancer Society wants a cure for cancer...that without something to oppose, either organization would cease to exist. While that argument might have some merit, there are still PLENTY of issues that the NRA is working on, enough to keep it busy well into the foreseeable future.

    And even if the NRA-ILA won all its battles, and the US went to 50-state Constitutional Carry...it could still exist as a watchdog organization, or something along that order. Meanwhile, the NRA would still be the US's premier provider of firearms safety and proficiency training.

    So yeah. I'll stick with the predictable old devil I know, and will continue to support HR822, though it has barely a snowball's-chance-in-hell of actually getting signed into law, with Obama in office.
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  4. Late Tuesday, the House by a 271-153 vote passed HR 822, the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011, ...

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    ^ Actually no, they didn't.

  6. CORRECTION: House vote was on ‘consideration’ of HR 822Dave Workman, Seattle Gun Rights Examiner 11/15/2011 7:36 PM
    CORRECTION : This column reported earlier Tuesday evening that the House had passed HR 822.

    That was in error.

    What actually happened was a vote on the rule to provide for a hearing and debate on HR 822. That was the 271-153 vote, with no Republicans voting against House Resolution 463 , which provides for consideration of HR 822 .

    This column apologizes to readers and regrets the error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    Even with this bill you cannot carry in a federal school zone in any state you do not hold a license unless they tweek it and no sure senate will pass it.
    Read section 2 paragraph (b) which reads "A person carrying a concealed handgun under this section shall be permitted to carry a handgun subject to the SAME conditions or limitations that apply to residents of the State who have permits issued by the state or are otherwise allowed to by the State". The key word here is SAME. I have talked to a lawyer who specializes in firearms law who agrees with me that this does overide the Federal school zone law. Oh 2 years ago National reciprocity did have the votes in the Senate to pass, but not enough to stop the fillibuster (by 2 votes). There was a large turnover in the Senate in 2010 and there is a good chance it will pass next year. Obama did sign the National Parks Carry law, so he MIGHT sign this one, especially in a election year.

  8. I live in Alabama, even the Democrats we send to Congress around here (however few they may be) know better than voting against firearms rights. As far as the Senate is concerned, we are represented by Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions. You'll be hard pressed to find a better combo than those two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tpeytonjr View Post
    Get it passed then fine tune. Start thinking outside the box
    I think that was exactly what they said about the Patriot Act. Nobody read it - not one single person who voted on it as it was shoved through, but, hey, it has a cool name, and no one wants to vote against the Patriot Act and be UN-Patriotic, right?

    And we like how that turned out.

    I'm not saying this H.R. 822 is right or wrong, just READ it and make sure what you are asking your representatives to vote on BEFORE it becomes law. Removing it is much harder than you think. Anyone remember that temporary act they passed during World War II, just until it ended...Income Tax?
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  10. i agree this is not the right bill and changing it will be like the health care. If we give the feds this right then they can then use this as a way to push laws we dont want just by precedent. Also have you read all the other laws in it like the national gun registry???

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    My right-thinking congressman voted yes on 822.

    Those of you who oppose the bill, don't worry. It'll probably never even come up for a vote in the Senate.

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