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Thread: CCW Incident (Input Please) Continued...

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    Agent Green nailed it. You're a little cocksure and should have walked away and dialed 911. A punk is running his mouth at you and you escalate it to lethal force? Bad call IMO, even if the law says otherwise.

  3. What kind of ****** up neighborhood you live in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by milesihrig View Post
    I don't stand there waiting to get hit in the first place.
    martial artist train 3 days a week, 2 hours a day, in an as much as possible realistic self defense training as possible... truth is nothing is as real as the real thing... these people that attack you have far more real life expereience training then you do... 4 out of 5 times ive walked away... one time i was sent to the hospital from facing on attacker...

    you dont know how strong, fast, or hard this guys punch is until its delievered.. by then, as shown in the video, it could be do late then your left defenseless[/QUOTE]
    You assume much, and it shows.

  5. So you have had martial arts training and advanced firearms training? You've successfully used your martial arts training in the past according to you. In the past you've faced 4 attackers but this one guy scared you enough to pull your firearm. Your reason is because in your area there's lots of fights and a lot of mma fighters. Do you realize how stupid you sound. Like an earlier post said post a case number if this truley happened! I say ********. If it did happen it's really scary that there are guys with ccw's out there like you and more scary that their going to give it back. Another foolish thing is posting this at all if it did happen, especially posting you've contemplated suicide. One can only hope that remarks get back to the issuing authorities they pull your ccw for good because again if this is true your the type of person that shines a bad light on civilian ccw.

  6. It almost begs the point, is 23 to young to carry concealed responsibly? I know its our rights and I for one would never rally against it, I just remember my decision making back then wasn't nearly as correct as it is today. I'm sure there are many younger people who carry responsibly, it just goes to show however with people like this gentlemen that younger people tend to get themselves in more situations. I dated a girl in my 20s with the biggest mouth I'd ever seen. Thankfully I'm a big scary ogre and never really had to put forth much effort to diffuse the situation but during those years fist fights and other things of that nature were much more common.

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    I'll be less kind: Imo the majority of early 20-somethings are nothing more than children in adult bodies. Little different than teenagers. Just look at their behavior involving cars or alcohol.

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    You are wrong and the courts said so....oh they didn't they dropped the charges...

    Glad you are safe.

  9. you lucked out good for you
    i think your ccw should have been suspended for a year
    for public endangerment, displaying a firearm without
    due cause and having to do some type of public service -

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    Quote Originally Posted by milesihrig:243526
    im not asking for an input... people wanted to know the outcome of the court case and i gave it to them... but all of you still continue to put your opinion in on the subject
    You're thread is titled "INPUT PLEASE".

    Give us a link to a report on the arrest/case. That would clear up all the doubters.

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