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Thread: Holster Help Please! 1911 A1 5 inch barrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Saxon:243930
    i personally use a left hand blackhawk serpa for my 1911, kimber ultra carry for backup, also use a right hand version for my main carry. i just switched to these a few months ago after wearing out my uncle mikes holsters from 15 years of carry.
    I agree! The only other holster that was comfortable for me was the 12.00 Uncle Mikes IWB holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    Have Galco, Tauga and several prefer mine in leather left hand is not usually a problem.
    I'm a righty and use a Galco IWB in leather for EDC of my .45 Gov't Model 1911s. Galco also makes them for LH CC.

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    For me, I have to use a shoulder holster for a 1911. Its so big and heavy. I rarely carry mine. It pulls my pants down and is hard to conceal. I find smaller frams are easier

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    Manufacturer will have holsters. I use the Springfield OWB that came with the purchase of my 1911A1. It's comfortable and works. IS THE 1911 a bit huge and weighty....YEP. But I have the girth and clothing to cover. Shoulder holster could be the answer as well. Although I'm not strong on Lefty side issues.
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    6 oclock would be in the small of your back. Not good. I wear my crossbreed at what would be 8:30 for you. Conceals great and is easy to carry. However, as noted above, there are a ton of options. EVERYBODY makes a 1911 holster. Walk in to a local gun store and try a couple on with your gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iam2Taz View Post
    there are a ton of options. EVERYBODY makes a 1911 holster. Walk in to a local gun store and try a couple on with your gun.
    My problem is everyone mikes a 1911 holster but not everyone makes a lefty nor a 5 inch. I have been to many
    Gun shops and police supply stores in Tulsa county I tried on a crossbreed which was the only left handed 1911 holster in a store that had to offer other an a generic pancake iwb. I did get a generic iwb made by blackhawk and it will get me by for a bit.

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    Amazing isn't it that you have all these holsters that cost so much more than Uncle Mikes yet Uncle Mikes does the job as well as any for less. I own like 4 of them including two shoulder holsters.

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    I can make you one, im me if you like. I use a heavy 8/9 oz drum dyed bullhide.

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    Brommeland makes a great 1911 IWB holster in the Max-Con V. High Performance Concealment Systems for the Professional

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    Just purchased one from this guy and he has left hand holsters.
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