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    Yes I think that it is a violation of 10A through the back door of the commerce clause. I also do not like it that is does no apply to everyone (DC and IL are left out). It is also troublesome that in some cases a non-resident will have more "rights" while carrying than a resident in many states. These concerns are not great enough for me to try an fight this bill and I am more inclined to think that it will be enacted than I was a few weeks ago. I do not like that it is coming from the Federal government rather than individual states like drivers license do but it appears that the majority of American gun owners want it.

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    States don't have rights, they have powers. And this is an individual right. An inherent, God-given right guaranteed (not given) by the US Constitution. US citizens have the right to keep and bear arms anywhere in the states and territories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by montoya32:244525
    Quote Originally Posted by willpruitt View Post
    I live in Indiana, with this new law into place does that mean that all the states that didn't Honor my CCW, does that mean they will now?
    If it becomes law, then yes. You will be able to carry in all states, except IL and DC. Both IL and DC offer to CCW at all, so they will not recognize any CCW.
    and california and any other may issue state

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    Quote Originally Posted by willpruitt View Post
    I live in Indiana, with this new law into place does that mean that all the states that didn't Honor my CCW, does that mean they will now?

    Barry H. Teleprompter already has a veto pen reserved for this one so don't worry about it. As an every day concealed carrier in a may issue state I'd love to see it happen but we know the odds.

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    I like the part where out of state residents will have more privileges, might inspire residents to get off their butts and force their reps to allow them the same privileges or vote new ones in.

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    It's the same as a drivers license, you don't have to get a new one in every state right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtallit View Post
    States don't have rights, they have powers. And this is an individual right. An inherent, God-given right guaranteed (not given) by the US Constitution. US citizens have the right to keep and bear arms anywhere in the states and territories.
    The US Constitution doesn't grant any right, it only protects them.

  9. Unless and until this becomes law, the following recognize no permits except their own: CA, CT, Guam, HI, MA, MD, NJ, NY, NY City (not even a NY Permit!), OR, Puerto Rico, RI, U.S. Virgin Islands. Additionally, CO, FL, ME, MI, NH and SC accept only RESIDENT permits of individuals from states whose permits they recognize.

    Passage of this law would not change the fact that American Samoa, D.C., IL and the Northern Marianas Islands neither issue permits to their subjects nor recognize any other permit. Subjects living in those entities who wish to upgrade their status to Resident may either use the ballot box to effect Regime Change or move to a "carry permitted" area. Choices have consequences.

  10. the 2amendment is everyone right. one person fron wis deserves the same protection in fl and vicea versa.
    Freedow crosses state lines. freedom of worship, speach, press, relig, and the 2A to arms. other wise one state has no protection and the others do. But look at ILL and DC do you think ILL and DC people are happy they have no self defences thats what happens when states can refuse to give basic right to it's people.
    the fed gov some of our law makers see that and try to help as best they can to give that right back. but states do have the right on most things. but sooner or later Ill will become CCw state. maybe this coming summer the flash mob will be back and kill a few people and someone who matters to the chicago press and big shots and the up roar will get police brass fired and some alderman fired up or the people will vote them out of office. It might take the sheep being shown that the police can not protect them and they have to do it themselfs. and the flash mob might do it. if they start killing and raping as they run amuch down the street
    and the police take the custmary 20 mins to respond. Is that not horrible for me to even think about that making me so mad!! Dang those people deserve to be able to protect themself from the thugs. Did you see the photo from the london thugs making a man strip and taking his clothing,shoes, watch and money. a press photo shows him being robbed. GOD!! I want to shoot that big thug it's a little guy and a very big thug. nothing the little guy could do if he wants to live. all alone and facing a mob and that big guy.
    stuff like that will change the mind of the sheep after a while as the police fail and fail to stop the flash mob over and over again. people will then want a gun to protect them self the old saying When seconds count! The Chicago PD IS 20 MINS away.
    I want tshirts and other tshirts saying Flash mob riots on the front and on the back a 1911 and
    no more flash mobs.
    I am prob dreaming and the sheep will never wake up! just march to the end of the clift and fall off.
    You would think that after thier kids and sisters, wifes are beaten,robbed, and raped, they would grow a pair and demand the right to defend thesmselfs from the animals on the street. cause the police do not have the burden of protecting us, the sheep do not seem to understand that. It's not the police job to defend us.
    the police defend the systems of the GOV. not us. judges, DA'S Cops, Mayors, Alderman, Councelmen they get gun permitts or body guards not us. only the 2nd Amendment protects us. the founding fathers had the indians and the british to fight and they knew! you want to defend your family pick up a gun and stand in front of the badguys. otherwise you deserve what happen to you. band together a single man is easy prey, band together and we are mighty. Chicago!! get together and pull the city counclmen out of office, or aldermen and the mayor and take back your city. Or do you need to let your people bleed some more.
    you know the flash mob will be back and stronger than ever. they have banded together and have cell ph to attack in a mob and the police can not counter that only the armed people who are their victims can stop it. the little old lady whos shoot the big thug down will stopp it. But some more good innocent people I guess are still going have to bleed before the up roar takes down the cowards and powerful who do not want the sheep armed. Flash mobs are coming in wisconson they are going to be in for a bad day next summer.
    Chicago is still a flash mobs dream 50 badguys no cops and 200 punarmed people will money on state st.
    whats 5 or 6 cops going do arrest them all. the cops might get 5-10 of them what do they care most will get away. if the victims were armed the boldest badguy would get shot and then the rest would say wow this is no fun anymore just because I am bigger and stronger than the little old man I have to be careful now the son of a bitcx could be packing a 44 mag and blow my shix up. hell thats not fair!! and if they have the castle defence the lawers can't make any money so i can not sue cause the lawers will not take the case cause i have no money. so the good guys win. and lo and behold peace come to the land of lincoln.
    dreaming thats what I am doing. dreaming the sheep still going bleed and people going to get roobed raped and murdered in chicago. only mayor, alderman, cops, and judges carry guns. or have body guards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRrider View Post
    Does anyone else see this as a State's Rights violation?

    Don't get me wrong, Michigan CPL holder and everyday carrier, and I am all for gun rights, except when they infringe on State's rights.

    The 2nd amendment doesn't give the right IMO to conceal carry. That has been a decision at the state level as a matter of self defense, and not every state has the same laws. So how can the national government tell states they must allow residents from other states the right to carry? Especially when that state doesn't allow their own residents to conceal carry...
    Absolutely not. It is a tiny step back to getting some of the 2nd Amendment rights that we have lost. As far as CCW and the Constitution, what part of shall not be infringed do you not understand, seems appropriate.

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