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    Best IWB holster ever. Its the only holster i will ever buy. I have one for my glocks and my ruger lcr .357

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    That is good news-I ordered mine last night. I figures this time of year it might be a little slow. Did you order a belt with it??
    I did not buy a belt with it as I had recently gotten a new belt; however, a friend of mine (the one who recommended the SuperTuck to me) got his with the belt and has only positive comments about the belt as well as the holster.

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    I also have a Crossbreed Supertuck for my full size 1911. Its very comfortable and so much so that I actually have to check from time to time to make sure my gun is still there. Ive had it for six months and it seems to get better the more you wear it. Make sure you check the screws for the belt clips, because they can loosen up a little over time.

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    I've been wearing my Crossbreed with a 4" XD.40 for about 8 months now. For me it is the most comfortable IWB I've ever tried.

    It must be good. There seems to be a lot of copies out here. Soon after I got mine, Galco came out with their copy and lately I've seen another one on the market, although I can't remember the brand right now.

    I got mine with the metal belt clips. If not careful, you can chew up a belt in a hurry donning and removing the holster every day. I think I'll look into the plastic clips Crossbreed offers.

    I think you'll be happy with your choice.
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