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  1. Mailed in my FL

    How long does the FL out of state take these days?

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    Recently saw a poster that had his back in 3 weeks.

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    1 to 3 weeks is common.

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    My son and I mailed ours in the beginning of March. The permit was issued on April 16 but we didn't receive it for another week after that.

    I hear it's only 2-3 weeks right now. Especially if you can do the electronic fingerprints instead of the ink & paper like we did. That makes the FBI fingerprint check go much faster.

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    When I got mine, it only took about three weeks.

  7. Thanks for the feedback. My Minnesota resident and my Utah aren't any good in New Mexico. Spending a lot of time there this winter. For some reason, FL is good there. We are buying a condo in FL anyway, so I figured I'd need it eventually.

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    in wi it took me around 6 wks. because it's best to go the 07 manufactures, if you do any blueing. new change in the ATF law. little more book work but if you have to dismantle and assemble, you are now considered a manufacturer

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