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    Let me put it in plain English I did what you did and I lost my hearing

    I am 46 years old and can't use a telephone. I also have to use the captions on my TV Is there some part of once your hearing is gone it will never come back that you don't ginkcuf get?

    Do. Not. Fire. A. GNIKCUF. weapon. W/out. GNIKCUF Hearing. Protection. Ever.
    What did you say, I can't hear you? Because I have my earmuffs on. No pun intended, but that sounds a lot better than,

    What did you say I can't hear you because I was a f-ing dumbass and didn't wear hearing protection when I should have.

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    There is no reason to emphasize your message with a swear word. The OP submitted his message as a warning to those who would make a mistake of not wearing hearing protection. He did not vilify anyone. Others pitched in their experiences and their feelings in such a nice manner. Let us all be civil here...please???
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    I did the same thing 15 years ago when I upgraded to my 40cal from 22mag which I shot without plugs BAD ( very very ) bad mistake never happen again
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  5. Ahh hearing protection. Two years later I'm still regretting the single shot from my mossberg 535 without hearing protection...all because I wanted to get one of the big WI thunder-chickens. Got it, but i couldnt hear for two days afterward. As far as home protection, i'll work the action as a fear inducing sound, but when it comes down to it...i would much rather use one of the .223 m4's or a nice 9mm.

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    Ever notice when there's a shooting in the hood nobody heard a thing?

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    Been using noise reducing earphones for years bot at indoor and outdoor shooting range. Never had a problem. I never saw a need for a supressor or silencer on my pistol. Besides, I never saw a holster that would allow a silencer and it would be awful hard to draw a gun that long.

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