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    No hearing protection

    Hey fellow patriots,

    I was up in good o'l Brohman, MI this weekend getting away from it all and wondered what it would sound like if I actually had to fire some rounds to save my life or someone else's. Needless to say I fired off 3 rounds in a safe manner but with no hearing protection. It kind of sucked, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did this because I feel it is important to have a small sense of what a defensive situation would be like. The ears rang for a good 8 hours or so but I'm fully functional now. :)

    Won't be doing that again for a while. But hey, now I know. Back to training properly now!

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    It doesn't take much to learn that your hearing will one day be your saving grace. I once came from a doctor's appointment a few months ago and came home declaring that i lost 30% of my hearing. Not true. But my kids believed me. ... so far, they haven't divided my assets yet and planned which ones they wanted out my estate if I pass on after their dad. LOL
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    lol, for sure. Totally value my hearing, but I just had to know. "I just got to know!"

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    A couple of weeks ago I shot 3 shots through a 270 riffle without hearing protection while deer hunting. The interesting thing is I could hardly hear the sound, and that was only the rush of hunting, knowing that the deer weren't shooting back.

    I don't know that you can expect the sound to be the same shooting at targets only because of the other human factors that come in to play when you're in a life or death situation.

    In any case, my experience was enough to prove to me that I'll never shoot without hearing protection unless I'm hunting or saving my life. It's just not worth the damage I know the sound does to my ears.

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    Just like your eyes, your hearing has to be protected at all costs. I applaud you for checking it out, but better yet in recognizing the need to use them while training. My biggest fear is a midnight confrontation in my home where deadly force is the option and my Glock 27 is the one that delivers it. Indoor firearm discharges are insanely loud!

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    True, I've never been in a life or death situation and pray not to be. Guess there's no real training for an adrenaline rush or tunnel vision either. Still won't be shooting without plugs in again!

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    Take it from someone that has tinnitus for over 30 years, don't do those kind of things that can adversely affect your ears!

    It crept up on me from years of exposure to noise levels now considered unsafe (yeah... NOW considered).

    The up side is I always have music in my head even if it is a single note!
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    If at all possible, try to keep your mouth open if you have to shoot indoors. It will at least lessen the effects a notch or two.
    I was shooting outside one day & was using my Browning Buckmark .22. The noise was so light that I took off my ear muffs. Then I decided to shoot my 9mm carbine & I found out it was pretty loud, even outdoors.
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    What a horrible idea. Sounds like the guy that started this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt Cook View Post
    If at all possible, try to keep your mouth open if you have to shoot indoors. It will at least lessen the effects a notch or two.
    That's exactly what artillery personnel are instructed to do and from what I've been told it works.

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