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Thread: Do You Carry While At Home?

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    Most the times I do. But not at this moment but I have a gun that is on a shelf beside me and another that I pass if heading toward the front door.

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    I always carry at home. the urban disease is creeping ever closer to my home.

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    Home invasions happen during day and night. For that reason, I almost always have a firearm on me or within close reach. Hopefully I'll never need them, but I'm prepared. I live in a very nice and quiet neighborhood with watchful neighbors, but I never let my guard down because of it.
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  5. o yeah

    If not on me never usually more then 2 to ten feet from me with easy access

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    Those that don't carry at home might relate with this scenario. Your sitting on the couch relaxing and you hear a crash/bang/abnormal noise that makes your blood turn cold. You suspect an intruder but your gun is in the other room or worse, upstairs/downstairs. What do you do? Before I started carrying while at home, that happened; first time was while I wasn't carrying and didn't have my gun close and once when I was carrying. Both times turned out to be nothing (no intruder) I can tell you that both my wife and I felt much safer when I had my gun and was able to clear the house safely. (for those of you wondering what it was. I remember on one occasion, the upstairs bathroom has a bath toy corner-caddy that suction cups to the wall. It lost suction and dropped into the tub. Sounded scary from downstairs). I'd rather be over-cautious and suspect abnormal noises as intruders and be wrong than shrug it off as normal and get robbed or shot. Just my two cents.
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    I am carrying in my home more than I used to. I figure that having my gun on top of the refrigerator won't do me much good if I am in the living room when someone breaks in. With my gun on my person I have it handy no matter which room of the house I am in. My teen age kids think I am weird, and my wife pokes a little fun at me, but oh well.

  8. Just bought my first handgun so I'm still getting used to having it. I haven't decided whether to carry in my home or not.

  9. no your not unusual.

    i dont carry at home, due to the attire i choose while relaxing...

    but no matter the room i am in, there is always a weapon within reach.

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    About half the time I'll have my TCP on me, however, there is a firearm within a few steps of me somewhere in the house.
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    Good to see many carrying or at least very aware of where their firearms are. We live in a rural area and had a home invasion about three miles away last week. Time to get serious about protecting our homes, families, and our self.

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