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Thread: Do You Carry While At Home?

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    Up swing in crime in the area seems to be more and more common. It has happened in our area also. We are in a quiet area with half middle aged, and half retired folks. The retired group seems to be the target. Guess they thik we are rich or loaded with prescription drugs.

    I don't carry in the house, however, the LCP is 2' away and the 9mm is close to the front door. Doors and windows are on alarms. Outside motion lights and cameras, I have had both for many years as I do a lot of work on the computer and we are Snowbirds and I can monitor the house from Yuma.

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    I always carry at home, but keep it concealed as if I was outside.

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    If I'm wearing pants, I am carrying.

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    If I am dressed, I am armed........

  6. If you mean while in the house, then no not often. I live out in the sticks and anyone coming here would be obvious. There are numerous firearms in and about the house ready to use(mostly for varmints). When I go outside to work, do chores, or just checking things out I seldom go w/o my trusty Ruger 22 pistol. This time of year(deer season) I might bump that up to a magnum revolver. The ATV is always equipped with a centerfire rifle of some sort for the occasional coyote.
    Going off the farm always carry concealed.

  7. Yes I do. Well when I'm on the couch it's in a Desantis Nemesis holster in the console of the couch. If I let the dog out in the back yard ( not fenced in backed up to a canal and very dark) I keep it in the Nemesis. Only when I go out does it go in my IWB holster.

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    I don't carry unless I'm at home or away from home. :-)

  9. From the time I get dressed in the morning till I get in bed the glock 23 using my hip

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    I carry mine from the time i wake up, till the time i go to bed, home and everywhere else, only time it isnt connected to me is when im in the shower...

    Carry on my friend !

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    Always one on my side or one in my pocket unless I'm in the shower and within reach when I'm sleeping at home or away. My instructor told me if you plan on carrying do it 100% or not at all, needing it and not having it will be hard to live with. As a retired chief of police he had seen it happen before.

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