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Thread: Do You Carry While At Home?

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    Not weird at all. I carry at home all the time, simply because attacks don't come advertised and because that way I never need to go looking for my piece.

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    Always. A friend was killed/robbed fifty feet from his back door while working his garden.

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    For lo, I say unto the, affirmative.
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    Nope, never have and won't say I never will. I have thought about it often though when I cut the grass. Had some deer in the yard holdin their ground once making what I thought were some threatening gestures while cuttin the grass so I shut off the mower and went and got my 10mm just in case and when I went back out they were gone. That is the biggest threat I've come across yet but there have been daylight break-ins in the neighborhood lately. Damn, I think I just convinced my self to carry at home too especially outside the house.
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    Not in the house, but I have one in each room and by my chair since the kids are grown and gone. The thing most people don't do and should, I have reinforced frame around the door locks, a "door cop" (brace) under the doorknobs, and the door is always locked. I have 5 acres out in the country and you just about have to drive here, but I alway carry when outside. This is useful for the feral dogs, or the moles in the yard I find when mowing.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Axeanda45 View Post
    If I am dressed, I am armed........
    Ditto. I am the same way.

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    At very least there's a BUG crawling a few feet away ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fourmula766 View Post
    At very least there's a BUG crawling a few feet away ...
    Is that another definition for Big Ugly Guy? Remind me to never visit you if you're gonna have your sights on me! :):)


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    Carry? No. But I'm never more than a few steps away from a loaded firearm.
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    I guess the only place where I'm not carrying is the shower or in bed, and then theres a 12 gauge at arms reach

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